Event Highlights - 2022 Import Expo, San Antonio, TX by Contributing Photographer MG One Photography

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Highlights of 2022 Import Expo, San Antonio, TX by Contributing Photographer MG One Photography

★ On-Location Coverage, Photographed and Reported by MG One Photography, Text enriched by W&HM Staff

Event: 2022 Import Expo, San Antonio, TX
Photographer: MG One Photography (IG: @mg_one_photography)

We are very excited to have MG One Photography's contributing coverage report of the Import Expo car show series at the San Antonio stop. This is a highly welcomed reportage because Texas has become the car show hub with an increasing presence and participating communities. We thank MG One Photography for the great work and excellent photos. After this highlight article, we will provide more detailed coverage pieces throughout our web posting stream at the W&HM Car Section.


The 2022 Import Expo, San Antonio car show is an easy attending indoor show. There is no huge weather to worry about especially since the outside temperature could be easily at the virtually baking level. The venue is at the Freeman Coliseum, San Antonio, TX. Cars were tightly packed at their showcase space. The Coliseum still provided ample space for the interested car owners and showgoers to spend a good Saturday afternoon. 


As the name suggests, it's a JDM import car show with all kinds of modifications and customization of those Japanese car brands. With the variety showing at the show, car enthusiasts could enjoy great conversations with fellow owners or JDM lovers. Check out these show cars here as well as more detailed postings on our website, it's fun to see how the Texas JDM community grows in comparison with our existing vast SoCal JDM shows. 


There was one model at the 2022 Import Expo, San Antonio, Dayton Vayle (IG: @dayton_vayle). MG One Photography captured her in different poses and created a series of wonderful lifestyle and glamour shots. 


The vendor showing was also a show of support to the event organizer. One major force in the JDM-related industry is the wheel companies. Also, the closer merchandises to daily consumers and car lovers are the clothing companies, car decoration accessories, and also Hot Wheels miniature cars!

Overall, the 2022 Import Expo was a fun and easy event to attend. It gives a chill feeling in the hot Texas weather to have fun with one's friends and families. We thank again the contributing photographer, MG One Photography for the excellent photos and report. 

Here are more coverage photos from the MG One Photography in-person coverage of the 2022 Import Expo, San Antonio, TX:


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