Highlights of Socal Z Day Car Show Event 2022 at Irwindale House of Drift by W&HM


Highlights of 2022 Socal Z Day at Irwindale Speedway!

★ On-Location Coverage, Photographed and Reported by Py Pai, W&HM / Wheels and Heels Magazine / www.wheelsandheelsmag.com

Photographer: Py Pai / IG: @pypaiphoto

- 2022 Socal Z Day Event 

This is the first time we attend this event. We learned it from the Instagram feed and wanted to check it out to see what's happening in our backyard, figuratively speaking.

We were pleasantly surprised that our figurative backyard, aka Irwindale Speedway, is hosting a hot and fun event for the Nissan lover, and Z's die-hards! It turned out to be a fun and cool and also hot day overall! overall! 

Hot Weather, So Typical for Southern California

Reading the temperature indicator in our car, it's a typical characteristic of 91F for southern California. We are getting used to this kind of weather that may turn into a normal climate condition for us in the future to come. That is something that we need to prepare for, so get our environmentally friendly sunscreen ready for the next outdoor events.

On the other hand, for car shows, we definitely pick dry and hot than wet and cold. Maybe that's why southern California is a huge car culture center. Roads here are dry and so drivable, with no ice nor water. Well for sure there's no water at the super majority of the time. Right now we are at the water restriction time!

Familiar Venue: The Legendary Irwindale Speedway 

This is our backyard, so to speak. Irwindale Speedway is an all familiar event venue that we love. Besides the drifting track and stadium, it has a spacious and flat parking lot that can house many cars for both show cars and attendees' rides. 

This time, the Socal Z Day event and attendees occupied a total of 2/3 of the whole parking lot.  It's a perfect size for the event, not too overwhelming nor too small to attract the material size of attendees. This shows that the Z community is showing strong with great support!

With the Irwindale drag strip track on the side, it's a perfect setup for any car show that has an itch of getting cars burning rubbers, making insane noises, and showing the true colors of owners' car engines.

As the Event Name Suggested, Many Z's on Display

Based on the theme of the event, it's a Nissan Z event that showcases many generations of Nissan's famous Z models

From Classic to the Newest Model

This is almost like a little history class on the Nissan Z motor line. There are all types of Z's at the show, from the very vintage Datsun brand to Japanese overseas transported, to the latest newest model from Tenseness that is fresh off the cart. 

The types of modifications on many cars are not just a simple work of adding a spoiler or carbon-fiber body work replacement. From the inside to the outside, many dedicated owners have boosted the heart and bones and flesh of these beast-level-power car models.  

The end result of the show car display is a variety of mods and wraps and tuning and wheels. They are dazzling, especially under the relentless sunlight that showered every inch of the car surface, as well as attendees' skin and tar-laid parking lot ground. It's hot!

Merchandising and Promotional 

The good showing from vendors is making this event extra fun for all parties of couples and families. 

Hard-Working Vendors Showing Strong Support

The vendor support is strong, both on the product merchandise side as well as food services. We saw our good friends Firm 400, and several vendors that showcased their wraps, stickers, lifestyle mods, and more. 

The size of the vendor showing is just about right for the venue and the size of the crowd.

1/8 Mile Speed Racing is Always a Fun Activity

Ideally located at the Irwindale Speedway drag strip, the speed racing is always interesting to spectators. People are always attracted to the engine and exhaust noises, the burning smoke, and the split-second clock timers showing the time for each earnest driver to finish that 1/8 mile drag strip. 

We witnessed some of them reaching as fast as the 8.5 sec mark, which is pretty good, given the general survey on the internet for not special purposed cars.

It's a Fun Couple and Nissan Enthusiasts Outing Event

Overall, it's been a great event for folks who like speed, power, looks and just the letter Z. We saw many dedicated couples and enthusiastic car fans checking out all present cars at the show. Most of them are young and have tons of fun at the event. It's a great event to bring all the Z and Nissan fans together! 

Here are many more highlight photos from the show:


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