Event Highlights - 2022 Sonkei Blue and West Coast Ridez First Responder Car Show

Highlights of Sonkei Blue  and West Coast Ridez First Responders Car Show 2022

★ On-Location Coverage, Photographed and Reported by Py Pai
Wheels and Heels Magazine / www.wheelsandheelsmag.com

Event: 2022 Sonhei Blue & West Coast Ridez First Responders Car Show
Location: STC Gardenwalk, Anaheim, CA
Photographer: Py Pai / IG: @pypaiphoto

* Sonkei Blue and West Coast Ridez First Responders Car Show, Going Underground, Literally

This is the first time we attended the Sonkei Blue and West Coast Ridez First Responders Car Show at the familiar STC Gardenwalk in Anaheim, where Disneyland is just right next to it. This is a popular venue for many car shows in the past. It's always on the open rooftop with plenty of scorching heat and overexposure-inducing bright sunshine.

However, this time it's different. It's actually in the underground parking space that has psychedelic neon lights around. It's not sweating hot and has that literal "moody blue" lighting to give a totally different scene than before.

We love this setup, as it's more dramatic and people don't need to wear extra layers to protect from the relentless sun while getting soaking wet inside. It's a very welcome change of venue!

BTW, Sonkei is a Japanese word that means "Respect". Very well placed in this event context for the first responders' cause.

* Cool Cars, Especially Cool Classic Cars Packing the Venue 

To our surprise, we thought we were going to see some of the frequent JDM show cars at the show. However, what we encountered were the classic American classics including muscular Mustang and Camaro, Elegant Fairlady, or wrapped rustic pickup trucks among many other cool rides.

Besides the cool cars, there were also the mini bikes that joined the good cause event. Parked right next to the TF Model Lounge, they formed a cluster of fun and casual vibes of the show.

Under the blue lighting, all these awesome cars and mini bikes looked even more dramatic, stylish, and simply awesome. It's such a vibrant atmosphere.

* Vendors and Food Trucks Adding Lots of Shopping and Belly-Happy Opportunities 


There were some familiar and friendly vendors like Firm 400 and there were also newly encountered vendors such as the diecast race cars with a complete race ramp. They offered different ways of enjoying car decorations/alternations and collections.

The food trucks there were awesome too. There were Philly Phils, LA Torta Madre, Blue Star Carnitas, and others. It's definitely a very comforting and satisfying food for the show!

* Wonderful Show and Cool Setup at the Sonkei Blue and West Coast Ridez First Responders Car Show

We totally love the vibe and the lights at the new underground venue. Instead of the half-finished urban decay look, we got a cool west coast clubbing energy at the show. The show cars and the models were different than the usual suspects that we frequently see.

This is an awesome show and we definitely look forward to the next one soon!

 Here are more coverage photos from the W&HM's in-person coverage:


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