Big Highlights of 2022 Nissfest, Irwindale @SoCal_Z #nissfest

Nissfest 2022 is an Exciting Grand Event, One of The Premier Car Shows in Southern California

★ On-Location Coverage, Photographed and Reported by Py Pai
★ W&HM - Wheels and Heels Magazine / / IG @wheelsandheelsmag

  • Event: 2022 Nissfest, Irwindale, CA, USA
  • Photographer: Py Pai / IG: @pypaiphoto

2022 Nissfest Proven to be a Grand Car Show Not Just for Nissan-Branded Die-Hard Fans


The weather under the 2022 Nissfest was a hot and slightly humid one. If one stood in the open field under the sun, one can immediately feel the heat penetrating their skin, and body temperature is going up quickly.

However, that did not keep many Nissan, Infiniti, and Datsun car fans as well as their families and partners, plus many non-Nissan owners to attend the event.

The parking lot of Irwindale Speedway, where the show is huge. When it's full, it's like a sea of cars in sight and a long hike between the farthest cars to the show entrance. That was almost the case for this year's Nissfest. We spent a good amount of time just to get in and then another just to find a parking spot. It's like a Black Friday sale busy.

All these show the participants' enthusiasm toward this event. As we progressed into the show, we totally understood the hype and the delivery of the draw of the show.

It's an awesome show!

Highly Organized and Thoughtful Planned Venue and Vendor and Show Car Layouts

The 2022 Nissfest is one of the best-organized events that we experienced over the years. Not only they planned ample parking spaces to accommodate the large crowd turnout, but they also had the vendors/cars neatly placed and thoughtfully arranged.

On the back of the Irwindale Speedway grandstand, it's a long space that provided a perfect afternoon shaded long space. The vendors were under the such shade without suffering the relentless sun beating on them. It made everybody very happy and the shopping experience more enjoyable.

Farther down the space, there was plenty of sunlight, which is just awesome to hit on the cars to showcase their chrome shines, polished paint jobs, or wonderful mods that people put into their cars. They were perfect for display and for photos and videos.  

It's a beautiful and brilliant show floor plan!

Many TF Model Lounge and Vendor Models

On the promotional side, there was the iconic import car show staple, TF Model Lounge. TF Model Lounge is the main model lounge in many cars shows not just in southern California, but also across the states and countries.

TF Model Lounge has many models showing up as usual. We met mostly familiar faces from previous shows but there were a few models that we hardly worked with before. This is a combination of the TF Model Lounge that we always love to do coverage at shows.

Besides the model lounge, several vendors have hired their own models for the show. We met our cover model Lin Yeh, as well as our feature model Paola G. They looked so sweet at the show. There were many others as well as shown below.

It's a very good show to attend for model appreciators.

Shiny and Hard Modified Nissan, Infiniti, and Datsun Cars in the Show

As the name suggested, Nissfest is full of Nissan, Infiniti, and Datsun cars. Not just from the local car communities, there were also cars with Japanese license plates, and out-of-state ones too.

Of course, Nissan's GTR is one of the most respected car models in the Nissan car community. There were plenty of showcase GTRs that wowed attendees and stirred excitement for car lovers.

Vintage Nissan and Datsun cars were visibly enticing. They showed their owners care and craftsmanship throughout the engines, transmission, and interiors, to the outer body styling and wide-body expansions. As one such car owner once told us that it took more than 2 hours to take pictures of his car for one of the magazines, as there are so many details and uniqueness. This is totally awesome!!

First-Person Drifting Experience on the Legendary Irwindale Speedway Track

Before we even enter the show venue, there were plumes of smoke coming out of the race track. The exhaust and drifting tire screeching noises can be heard even when we stepped out of our car. It's a smell that is all too familiar to all drifting enthusiasts.

Better yet, this drifting action can be had at a fee to anyone. One can get a ride along with an experienced drifting driver, drifting the same course that Formula Drift professional drivers run their races in. That could be a bucket list item for anyone that is fond of drifting motorsports.

Nissfest is One of the Top Car Shows to Attend in SoCal!

At the end of the day, the 2022 Nissfest is an amazing event that is very well-planned and organized. It's a breeze to check out vendors and show cars at the venue. Finding similarly interested folks about Nissan cars and vendors was easy and they seemed very friendly.

The TF Model Lounge did it again and brought many models to the show. Vendor models were equally impressive with our cover and feature models as well as other high-caliber models too.

The ride-along drifting experience is simply a dream come true for many drifting fans. It's such a rare opportunity to have and many jumped on them without a doubt.

We applaud the show organizer for this grand event. Nissfest is one of the top car shows in Southern California. We look forward to the next year already!

Here are more coverage photos from the W&HM's in-person coverage:


More Show Cars at the Show: 


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