Highlights of 2022 California Trucking Show, Ontario, CA, USA

Huge 2022 California Trucking Show Showcased The Latest Semi-Truck Market and a Strong Driver Community

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# 2022 California Trucking Show at Ontario Convention Center, CA, USA, Free to the Public! 

California Trucking Show 2022 is our first real major semi-truck show and it blew our minds to see so many variations of semi-trucks, and up close to them. It's a great show experience that we enjoyed tremendously.

California Trucking Show 2022 is a free event for the public to attend. Therefore, they encouraged attendees to bring their families and friends to the show. Many brought their whole families and happily took pictures, talking to vendors, and bringing home some extra swags. It's a wonderful weekend event to attend.

The weather was overcast for the California Trucking Show 2022. It did not rain which is a blessing after some weird weather patterns in the last few days. This was great weather that was not hot, scorching, wet, or humid. It's the kind of So-Cal Fall weather that we all enjoy.

The Ontario Convention Center hosted the 2022 California Trucking Show and provided many parking spaces to attendees. The main parking lot in front of the main convention hall was occupied by rows of glorious display semi-trucks. They showcased a welcome sight to the attendees that just parked their cars and reaffirmed that they were indeed the big California Trucking Show on site.

# A Grand Display of Semi-Trucks in All Glory 

California Trucking Show 2022 has many semi-trucks lined up for people to admire and check out. Many semi-trucks are well-built semi-trucks. The signature styles of semi-trucks are in the full display such as chrome-finished gas tanks and exhaust pipes, articulated paint artworks and unique colors, as well as various lighting equipment.
We found out that semi-trucks are not just hauling containers. Some semi-trucks can even do lowrider shaking and raising and lowering tricks that make the audience highly delighted and video-catchy.

One brand that stood out in the California Trucking Show 2022 is the Peterbilt semi-truck brand. There were many of them at the show, making it a ubiquitous brand in the industry. There were many parked both in the parking lot and inside the convention center halls.

# Two Convention-Hall-Full of Vendors 


California Trucking Show 2022 as many vendors fill up the two convention center halls. There were major brands as well as specialty companies that offered their products and services. It's a very lively show with high traffic moving from one side to the other.

These vendors range from semi-truck services recruiting, which is always in demand of drivers, to semi-truck insurance, as well as shiny pipes and colorful steering wheels, and many others. It's a kaleidoscope of various aspects of the semi-truck profession.

# Rare Opportunities to be Up Close and In-Person Experience with Semi-Trucks 

California Trucking Show 2022, unlike other car shows, welcomes you to get into semi-truck cabs to have a first-person experience.

Inside the main convention center hall, there were several semi-trucks parked on the show floor that allowed attendees to climb in and check out the cab setup. That's a very exciting experience for seasoned drivers as well as first-timers.

Semi-truck cabs are not only comfortable of course but also very convenient. There are more buttons to push or dials to watch. Many of the equipment and dials are highly articulated, such as high-chrome finish, unique thematic colors, and plush seating and interior. They are practical and aesthetic.

# Our Cover Model Chaba and Promo Models at the California Trucking Show 2022 

We were so happy to see our cover model Chaba at the California Trucking Show 2022. We have not seen her for several years. She has that distinct smile that brightens everyone that she meets. It's unmistakable Chaba! This is one of the highest moments for us at the show!

There were also other models at the show as expected. Even though it's not like every corner there were several, but they still had a great presence and we had the pleasure of meeting several of them at the show.

# 2022 California Trucking Show, a Great Experience and a High Success 


California Trucking Show 2022 has many different products and services offered to the semi-truck industry. It's a must-go show for the semi-truck community. The fact that they are free to the public added a more family-friendly incentive to attend. Experienced drivers could check out the new gadgets and upgrades, while young people got a chance to learn the industry, sparking interests and aspirations.

It's a great show and the organizer did a wonderful job putting them together and made it a successful event! !


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