Huge Highlights of 2022 Off-Road Expo at Pomona @offroadexpo #offroadexpo

2022 Off Road Expo, What An Awesome Show for All Outdoor ATV, UTV, Jeep, And Motorsports Lovers

★ On-Location Coverage, Photographed and Reported by Py Pai / IG: @pypaiphoto

Under the very cool and nice fall weather in Southern California, the 2022 Off Road Expo started early at 9 am. The overcast blocked the peeking sun and gave a beautiful morning ambiance to the show. It's geared to be a great show for the weekend.

Pomona Fairplex, the Long Time Home of Off-Road Expo

Pomona Fairplex has long been the home of the Off-Road Expo. Everything proves to be the ideal venue for the show. Starting with the humongous parking lot. The parking space is so ample, that they arranged trams to take people from the far end to the event entrance. Even though it's huge, the organization is very well set up with all the barricades to direct traffic to orderly parking. It provided a great start to the day.

Great Show For Outdoorsy Motorsports Enthusiasts, Lovers, and Fans


2022 Off Road Expo the attendance rate is great! Judging from the crowd forming at the ticket booth as well as the entrance gates, one can see queues of enthusiastic people patiently waiting to get their tickets or enter the venue.

After the gate is opened, many manufacturers presented the show attendees with a great display of their products as well as vendors enticing them with big signs of sale.

2022 Off Road Expo this year is a bit compact compared to the pre-pandemic period, but that's perfect to give everyone more time to spend on each interesting booth for their products and vehicles and talk to more vendors to gain more information, get service advice, or bargaining good deals.

Across the several venue stretches, there were many ATVs and UTVs at the show. This is the biggest off-road show in Southern California, as it showed here. Not just the outdoor areas, the auditoriums spread across the Pomona Fairplex, housed many big vendors too, including Monster Baja 1000 showcase area, KC, Bert's, and many others inside the air-conditioned space.

A Great Show with a Great Highlight of the Show, Meeting Tony!

Off Road Expo is always a very well-organized show. Starting from the media interactions, to crew members directing the incoming traffic, to ample staff to help with the ticketing and entrance to the show, to the well-established areas for vendors, for stunt demos, and to plenty availability of food vendor stands. It's a beautiful collage of all functions for attendees.

There was a huge moment for us. We got the chance to meet Tony from the Team Off-Road Expo! Tony has been instrumental in getting PR and marketing to the media. Through many years and shows, we finally got to meet the wonderful, friendly, super helpful, and overall awesome Tony!

Many Vendors Showing Their Coolest Rides 

At the 2022 Off Road Expo, several vendors brought their unique and special purpose ATVs and UTVs, and off-road vehicles. One could easily spend the whole day checking out the details of each interesting ride. Except for the vehicle manufacturers, all other vendors have some sort of enticing vehicle on display to showcase their wonderful parts or customizations in action.

Bilstein has brought in several, very cool vehicles, including a "highly decorated" VW Bug, and other modified Jeeps and ATVs. Maxxim provided eye-catching vehicles at their booth together with squeaky rubber ducky giveaways. They were a very popular swag that people just love to take and squeeze.

Many many other specialty vehicles just stopped traffic and gathered people's attention, which many turned into chatting with the owners or the vendor staff for more interesting details or stories.

Sale, Discount, and Giveaways Everywhere

There were many vendors with their products on sale and many with big discounts too. This is a perfect opportunity for both vendors and attendees to gain target sales for both parties. Many attendees went away with boxes not just in hands, usually in arms, or sometimes even on carts.

The variety of vendors also gave the showgoers a wonderful shopping experience. Even for the not-yet-that-much enthusiasts who came along with the family, there were lights, flag poles, and snack packs, that would get them interested. It's a perfect family or couple outing event. 

Celebrity Show Car "Golden Nugget" at KMC Wheels

Internet car celebrity, Robby Layton, brought their "The World's Most Expensive Suzuki"* Golden Nugget to the show. It immediately drew many people's attention. Many people love to have a selfie with the celebrity team, some have many questions, and many were simply admiring the gorgeous rebuilt 1972 Suzuki Jimny LJ20. 

* Title link: 

At the close inspection of the work of art, it's a majestic sight to behold indeed.

Exciting Firestone In-Person Experiential Ride-Along


2022 Off-Road Expo has wonderful in-person experiences with the Firestone Jeep trail simulation. There was a mound of sand to conquer, a rack of bed woods to cross over, as well as motion control with their experienced drivers. It's not every day that one could experience all these different areas of road challenges.

Furiously Rousing Ride Fox Stunt Shows


The Ride Fox showcased an extreme Jeep, ATV. UTV stunt demo that is utterly loud, noisy, smoky, and totally awesome. The stunts from these amazing professional stunt drivers gave these furiously powerful vehicles a show of pure torques and shocks.

They jumped off a sand hill many different ways, destroyed the obstacle bumper rack, as well as running around doing huge smoke donuts or hard stops dangerously close to each other. They utterly demonstrated the huge stress levels that all parts of their vehicles can endure and more. 

Any stock cars would be completely disabled and maybe even disassembled after just one run. No wonder the crowd was all awe-stricken.

Tasty Treats Every Corner For Attendees and Staff

At the Pomona Fairplex, there were many food vendors for all kinds of carnival-style foods for the show. We saw Pink hotdog, Hotdog on a Stick, and of course, BBQ vendors, and many draft beer stands. It's food heaven for those who love this type of hearty food and plentiful 21+ juices.

What a Great Weekend Outing For Fun, Shopping, and Excitement at 2022 Off-Road Expo, Pomona

The 2022 Off-Road Expo is a great overall weekend outing event for off-road enthusiasts as well as families and anybody who likes outdoor events. The show was highly organized, and the vendor presence was great with sweet discounted merchandise and knowledgeable staff interactions. The Firestone ride-alone experience and Ride Fox stunt demos were simply super-charged crowd-pleasing events.

Our hats off to the show organizer for such a wonderful show this year. It's nothing but pure awesomeness. We look forward to the next year eagerly!

 Here are more coverage photos from the W&HM's in-person coverage: 



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