Quick Higlights from 2023 California Overland Adventure and Power Sports Show

2023 California Overland Adventure and Power Sports Show

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  • Event: 2023 California Overland Adventure and Power Sports Show
  • Photo Credit: Py Pai / IG: @pypaiphoto

# A Usual So-Cal Sunny Day of Many Unusual Stormy Rainy Days


So-Cal has not been So-Ca the recent months. Since the end of 2022, it has been more-on-than-off rainy days ever since. It is so uncharacteristic for this sunny golden land. 

However, for the weekend show, California Overland Adventure and Power Sports Show, the weather has given her favor to the Saturday and showed us a bright cool day for a change. There were zero clouds in the sky and we could actually feel the warmth of the sun. It's a good day.

# Perfect Timing for California Overland Show Before Spring and Summer Fun Times


Here in the middle of March, the timing of the California Overland Adventure and Power Sports Show could not be better. It's right before the Spring break period that people are awakened to the new season. It's also a precursor to the big summer break that hosts the majority of the overland activities and off-road actions. 

The show provided many great outdoor fun opportunities for parents considering taking kids to nature and experiencing the wilderness. It also showed potential / already retired folks to start thinking about how to ditch their daily boredom and embrace a new lifestyle of going anywhere they like.

# A Petite Show With Nice Turn Out


The California Overland Adventure and Power Sports Show are not geared toward a mega show with aisles of overland vehicles or overflow vendor booths and products. 

It's an intimate and easy-to-navigate show that is comfortable to stop and talk to vendors at leisure and walk around without elbowing someone's drinks off.

The show consists of two main outdoor alleys of show cars and food vendors, together with a big convention hall in the Pomona Fairplex Fairground. That's plenty of space for an easy Saturday morning or afternoon family browsing

# Some Impressive Overland Mods and Impressive Overland Resumes  

At the show, we saw some very impressive overland mods. There was a cool Jeep fitted with a collapsible sleeping tent on top, making a cute package that guarantees a lot of fun time. 

Then there were many proper and fully equipped camper tents and trailers that provided everything one would need on overland trips, and more. It's almost like going to a home-building show, but with much more interesting products to check out.

One could easily imagine themself to drive their truck out to the woods and set up their camper tent and lounge provisioning. Probably in less than 30 minutes a completely new home in the wild could be done and just like living in a new environment but with fresher air and better views. 

It's a dream of escaping the mundane and going into the big nature that mother earth gives us originally.

# EV Car Rivian Overland!


We did not expect an EV would show up at the overland show. However, there was this Rivian truck with a fully stocked trailer at the show. 

We've ridden a Rivian Truck before and it was a great experience. Now extend that to the wild nature and experience with an almost home setup; it's a lifestyle and it could be a good new lifestyle.

# Many Overland Merchants and Accessories and Lifestyle Vendors 


Needless to say, there were quite a lot of vendors showing their merchandise and services as well as the experiences that they gathered with their proud overland rides. 

Many vendors were showing there, of course, camper tents, overland trailers, and many for accessories such as lighting, batteries, vehicle modification kits and services, and various kinds of accessories. 

There were also many eBike, RC trucks and cars, and RC planes. There were many things attached to the overland lifestyle that are beyond the nuts and bolts of setting up one. Fun is virtually limitless.

# A Fun and Overland=Dreamy Outing for Families and Enthusiasts 

Overall, it's a quick and fun event to attend. Families enjoyed their time. Interested folks had a good time talking to the folks who actually did overland trips. Also, many vendors provided great product demos of many possibilities of overland. Not to overlook, there were quite a few vendors at the show to satisfy the thirst and hunger of many attendees.

It's a fun and informative show!


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