Highlights of 2023 Sugoi Saturday March Event – A Fun and Awesome Anime and Cosplay Extravaganza

Highlights of 2023 Sugoi Saturday March Event – A Fun and Awesome Anime and Cosplay Extravaganza

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2023 Sugoi Saturday Honda Center March Event


The 2023 Sugoi Saturday March Event is one of the most-welcomed events for anime enthusiasts and cosplayers across the Southland. Each time, the Honda Center in Anaheim transforms into a wonderful world of anime and cosplay, and this time is no different. The event promises to be an exciting and fun-filled day, with many vendors selling anime-themed merchandise and a fantastic cosplay competition that is not to be missed.

What's more, there is free entrance and free parking, making it accessible to all who wish to attend. Visitors can have the liberty to come and go as they please, without the added pressure of paying an entrance fee or parking fee, which is usually a concern at most events. The free admission ensures that everyone who wishes to experience this fantastic event can attend without digging a hole in their pocket.

Wide Selection of Vendors and Merchandises

The event boasts of a wide selection of costume, accessories, decals, and more. For those looking to dress up as their favorite anime character, the event has got them covered with the many vendors both inside and outside the Honda Center. There is something for everyone, from full outfits to accessories such as wigs, contacts, and props. The merchandise is the perfect way to show off their love for their favorite anime characters and create a lasting impression.

Itasha and Expressive Decals


One of the highlights of the 2023 Sugoi Saturday March Event is the several Itasha cars on display. Itasha is a Japanese term that refers to cars that are decorated with expressive anime/manga stickers. These cars are a tribute to the anime culture that has enthralled fans worldwide and are sure to impress visitors. They will be the perfect background for cosplay photoshoots.

Cosplay and A Stunning 7' Tall Cosplayer

The cosplays range from portraying anime characters, game characters or even pop culture figures. It is hard not to get amazed by the level of craftsmanship and dedication put into these cosplays. 


Visitors might come face to face with a beautiful 7 ft tall cosplayer at the show. The cosplayer is sure to be a breathtaking sight and will be an incredible attraction.

Anime Culture Flourishing

The event is a visually exciting and fun-filled day for all fans of anime and cosplays. The creativity and the level of detail put into these costumes are outstanding, and visitors will not be disappointed. Whether they're looking to buy anime merchandise or show off their cosplay, this event offers a great opportunity to indulge in the world of anime and cosplay.

What a Wonderful Weekend Day with Sugoi Saturday

The 2023 Sugoi Saturday March Event is a must-attend event for all anime enthusiasts and cosplayers. The event offers visitors a wide selection of merchandise from anime-themed costumes, accessories, decals, and more. The free entrance and parking fee makes it affordable for everyone to attend.  


Visitors can expect to see Itasha cars on display and a beautiful 7 ft tall cosplayer. The event is always a visually exciting one, with marvelous costumes and creative displays. 

Anyone interested in anime and cosplays should not miss this opportunity to experience the fantastic world of Anime and Cosplay.



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