Highlights of The Goodguys National Del Mar Event 2023 - A Festive Celebration of Custom Hot Rods

Highlights of The Goodguys National Del Mar Event 2023 - A Festive Celebration of Custom Hot Rods

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  • Event: 2023 Goodguys Car Show, Del Mar
  • Photo Credit: Py Pai / IG: @pypaiphoto

The Legendary Goodguys National Car Show, Here at Del Mar Fairground, 2023

The Goodguys National Del Mar Event 2023 is a festive celebration of custom hot rods that took place on a huge parking lot and exhibit halls of Del Mar Fairground. The weather was sunny and warm, making it the perfect day for car enthusiasts to showcase their passion for custom hot rods. This event is also one that families with kids simply cannot miss. 

This event is one of the most anticipated events for car lovers across the United States, and for good reason. Every car on display is a work of art, painstakingly crafted by their owners to reflect their individual style. The event is full immersion of American car lifestyle and it is an opportunity for car enthusiasts to showcase their cars while also enjoying the company of other car enthusiasts.

Fully Immersion of American Car Culture 

The first thing that you will notice when you enter the fairground is the strong gas fumes smell and polishing wax perfume. The smell of gasoline and the sound of powerful engines creates a unique atmosphere that can only be experienced at the Goodguys event. This is because the event is a showcase of cars modified with powerful engines, which is what attracts many visitors to the event. 

Hot, Hot, Hot Rods!

One of the most remarkable things about the Goodguys National Del Mar Event 2023 is the amount of effort that the car enthusiasts put into designing their cars. Each vehicle was a unique expression of the owner's personal style and taste. The different colors were mind-blowing, ranging from burning red to blinding white and so much more.  


The event was full of vintage and modern cars that ranged from the 1932 Ford to a more modern Camaro or TransAm. The vintage cars, such as the BelAir, were in stunning condition and were a sight to behold. The modern cars, on the other hand, were also in mint condition and showcased all the modern era technology in the automobile industry. Even the rusted, classic rat rods that were deliberately styled to look decayed were eye-catching. 


The custom hot rods on display at this event were one-of-a-kind. The cars were not only unique in terms of their designs but also in terms of the technology used in building them. Some cars were equipped with powerful engines that could roar to life in a single explosion of sound while others had intricate detailing to make them stand out on the fairground.

The hot rods are a symbol of the American car culture, and they are a testament to the creativity and ingenuity of the people who build them. The hot rods at the Goodguys event are true works of art that showcase the individuality of each car owner.

Great Community Coming Together


Despite the large crowds, the Goodguys event has a relaxed atmosphere. Car owners chat with people who admire their cars and share stories about their experiences with them. The event is a great opportunity for car enthusiasts to meet like-minded people and to learn more about the American car culture.

The atmosphere of the event was electric, with the hot rods providing the perfect space for car enthusiasts to showcase their passion. Every car was a conversation starter, and visitors could easily connect with each owner to discuss the details of the hot rods. The passion and enthusiasm of the owners could be felt as they discussed their cars, with each one eager to share their customization journey.

Not Just Display, Participate!!

One of the highlights of the Goodguys event is the engine revving and tire burning demo. This is when car owners rev their engines to showcase the power of their cars. The sound of the engines is deafening, and the smell of burning rubber fills the air. The demo is a perfect opportunity for car enthusiasts to get a close-up look at the cars and to hear them in action.

Family Weekend Lifestyle Fun


In addition to the cars, there are many vendors, food trucks, and beer stands at the event. The vendors sell car-related merchandise, such as t-shirts, hats, and stickers. The food trucks offer a variety of food options, including hamburgers, hot dogs, and tacos. The beer stands provide visitors with an opportunity to sample local craft beers while enjoying the event.

What a Great Car Event Living to the Legendary Name

The Goodguys National Del Mar Event 2023 was a captivating display of custom hot rods, with each car a unique expression of the owner's style. The vintage and modern cars were in stunning condition, with some purposely decayed in styling, while others were incredibly minted. The colors were breathtaking, and every car was one-of-a-kind, reflecting the passion and enthusiasm of car enthusiasts.  


The event was a celebration of all things custom hot rods, with the participants showcasing their creativity and ingenuity in each vehicle. If you have a passion for custom hot rods, then this event is a must-visit.

It provided a unique atmosphere that cannot be experienced anywhere else. With tons of hot rods, engine revving demos, vendors, food trucks, and beer stands, the event provides a full immersion of the American car lifestyle. 

The Goodguys National Del ar Event 2023 is a relaxing event that allows car enthusiasts to meet like-minded people and to learn more about the American car culture. Families with kids who are interested in cars will have a great time at the event, and it is an opportunity that should not be missed.

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