Big Highlight of 2023 Original Lowrider "Cinco De Mayo" Super Show Los Angeles

Big Highlight of 2023 Original Lowrider "Cinco De Mayo" Super Show Los Angeles

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The Original Lowrider Super Show is an annual event that is held in Southern California. This show is one of the biggest lowrider shows in the region and is attended by thousands of people every year. The show is known for its purist style of lowrider exhibition and coincides with the Cinco De Mayo holiday, bringing added excitement to the show's audience. 

The event is held inside the LA Convention Center with exhibits displayed both in the big hall and underground halls. Many lowrider cars from various car clubs participate in the event. 

A Mega Show for The Lowrider Purists

The show's purist style exhibits bring out the best lowrider cars for all attendees to admire. Lowriders are a unique type of car that is associated with the Chicano culture of Southern California. These cars often have custom paint jobs, hydraulics, and modifications that make them stand out among other cars on the road. 

At The Original Lowrider Super Show, spectators can admire these beautiful machines up close and appreciate the amount of time and effort that lowrider enthusiasts put into their cars.

Full-on Convention Center Floor Display

The event is held in the LA Convention Center's big hall and underground halls, both of which are expansive and allow for a large number of exhibits. The underground hall allows for smaller and quieter exhibits, allowing visitors to view the cars without the hustle and bustle of the main hall. The big hall, on the other hand, hosts the main exhibition, and visitors can see hundreds of lowrider cars belonging to various car clubs.

Back to The Minimalist Style 

The trend in lowrider car styling is moving from story-telling artistic painting to simpler styling or no decoration at all. Lowrider car enthusiasts are now more focused on the quality of modifications, which they focus on perfecting, rather than the flashiness of the paint job or decals. This shift in focus has allowed the cars to show their natural beauty and the time and effort put into them.

However, on the other side of the convention exhibits, under the ground floor, there was a whole show floor full of cars. Many of them are well decorated with fine artistic paintings. They are quite a sight to see!

Virtually Car-Only Presence 

There were no models at the show, indicating a shift in focus on the cars and the artistry behind their design. While models have been a staple at lowrider shows in the past, they now take a back seat to the cars themselves. Visitors can spend more time admiring the cars, and the event's focus is on the vehicles themselves.

We did manage to find some models around the venue, but it's not the same as the usually expected lowrider model scene. Nonetheless, we applaud to these ladies to rescue the balance of the car and model scale.

Ground Shaking Concerts

The Original Lowrider Super Show is also an excellent opportunity for music lovers, with concert performances held throughout the event. The event attracts some of the most popular musicians and performers, creating an electric atmosphere that adds to the event's overall excitement.

A Great Weekend Outing at the Original Lowrider Super Show Cinco De Mayo Celebration

In conclusion, The Original Lowrider Super Show is an event that celebrates the artistic culture of lowrider cars in the Southern California region. The event allows enthusiasts to showcase their modified vehicles, admire other cars, and embrace the car's natural beauty.  

With exhibits in both the big hall and underground hall, visitors can get a real sense of the detail that goes into making these cars unique. The show's focus on the vehicles themselves has led to less emphasis on models and more focus on the cars' natural beauty. Attendees can also enjoy live music performances, making this event a perfect blend of the lowrider car culture and entertainment. 

Overall, The Original Lowrider Super Show is an event that is a must-visit for anyone interested in lowrider car culture or those seeking a unique and exciting event to attend.

Here are more coverage photos from the W&HM's in-person coverage: 



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