Highlights of 2023 The Honor Roll Mini Moto Show

Highlights of 2023 The Honor Roll Mini Moto Show

★ On-Location Coverage, Photographed and Reported by Py Pai

★ W&HM - Wheels and Heels Magazine / www.wheelsandheelsmag.com / IG @wheelsandheelsmag

# Wonderful Tradition of Honor Roll Mini Bike Getting Together

We have been covering the HNRS-OC mini-bike gathering event for several years now. From the first one that we attended, it's always been a great community showing the strong support from the TF Model Lounge.

This year, they took a new format at a new location in La Habra. The new event brand is called "The Honor Roll Mini Moto Show". The spirit of the show persists with a great showing of mini bikes from all types and models and across generations.

# Great Warm Day for a Great Mini Moto Show

The weather was the typical southern California warm and sunny sky. It's warm and dry. After a few hours of coverage, we felt hot and shirt-soaked. That means there was a lot of action happening, from taking hundreds of photos of all kinds of custom mini bikes to directing models for beautiful poses with the bikes.

The new venue accommodated more mini bikes across a great size parking lot as well as inside an indoor shop space. The vast space provided a more spacious photo-friendly distance to each bike. We had even better framing of each bike that we took pictures of.

That's a big kudo to the organizer for this setup!

# Many Unique Mini Bikes Showing a Great Custom Culture

There were many types of mini bikes, including scooters, sports bikes, cruisers, and many other kinds. The diversity shows the common interest in personalizing one's pride motor possession and a great deal of personal identity.

Even though the mini bikes are smaller than the normal size motorcycles, they shine with their customization and decorations.

# Bold and Fun-Looking Mini Bikes

Some customization is focused on the components that replace and upgrade to unique aftermarket parts. These changes give those mini-bikes a strong boost in power, in distance, or in handling tough terrains. The souped-up engines, brakes, manifolds, exhausts, tires, and other parts provided plenty to owners and customizers to talk about at the event.

On the other hand, the decorative trims, accessories, cushions, dials, and license plate frames are changes in the facades that make it fun and lifestyle enjoyable of owning and riding these mini bikes. Not only it's good to look at, it feels the connection between the mental and the human.

One thing that we wish owners can add is a plaque or a sheet to showcase their customization to help people learn more about their proud works of art. Not only it's a good inventory of progressions, but it's also proof of quality parts that the owner adopted.

# TF Model Lounge - Top Models and New Faces

One staple appearance is the TF Model Lounge. The owner of the model lounge, John Fujinami, always brings many models to the show. His strong support of the models and the event industries is unparalleled. He put in lots of his time, his money, and his headaches in herding the talents and keeping the line of being professional, ethical, and clean.

We always highly appreciate John and his team's efforts in keeping the import model scene alive in the industry.

This time, we were happy to see many familiar faces, including Phi Tu, Cici, Ann, and more. But there are also new faces that came from Canada, Tii, as well as models' names that we did not catch, but good images for sure.

# Supporting Vendors on the Site


There were several vendors on site to support the event. Mostly they are about motorcycle-related parts and services. They give the modders and decorators a chance to add more upgrades to their precious mini bikes.

There were also lifestyle-related shops like Big Abe's shop that brings the selections of colors and coolness to show attendees.

# Wonderful Saturday Afternoon Mini Moto Show

The event had non-stop streaming of people walking around the mini bikes and models and vendors. With loud music playing, it's a good-beat-infused lively scene.

We always love the Honor Roll Mini Moto Show over the years. Not only do they have a strong and highly supportive community, but they also have many mini bikes that are interesting and intriguing. The models are awesome to shoot with and the balance is just right for a perfect Saturday afternoon get-together.

The show is wonderfully done. Our hats off to the show organizer and to John and his team for the TF Model Lounge!

We look forward to next year's event already!



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