Highlights of 2023 Sugoi Saturday April 2023 Event in Pomona

Highlights of 2023 Sugoi Saturday April 2023 Event in Pomona

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The Wonderful Inland Empire Sugoi Saturday Event

Sugoi Saturday 2023 April Event was one of the most anticipated events for cosplay and anime theme lovers in the Inland Empire area. This event was celebrated in Pomona, California.  


This slightly scaled-down event has generated a lot of excitement amongst enthusiasts. Though the venue has changed, and it was held in a new location, people's love and enthusiasm for the event have not scaled down. The organizers have maintained the same spirit of the event, which will be a full day of fun and entertainment.

A Hot Day Under The Typical So-Cal Weather

The heat of the sun could bear down upon you on the day of the event, as it took place under hot and baking weather. However, that hasn't hindered the enthusiasts from coming in hordes. Even though the event was in a new location, the organizers have made sure that parking will still be free. As for entry, it was also free, which has made the event much more accessible for everyone.

Great Vendor Presence

Quite a few vendors were selling all sorts of anime-themed products at Sugoi Saturday 2023 April Event. People found everything from t-shirts to figurines, posters, and a whole lot more.  


Anime aficionados have expressed their excitement for this unique opportunity to buy their favorite products. The vendors will offer various products available at different price points, to cater to the tastes of everyone attending.

Itasha Cars for Itasha Lovers

One of the reasons why Sugoi Saturday is so famous is because of the Itasha cars that are on display. These cars came in various colors, and each one has a unique style. Some cars have wild decals on their exterior, which could leave one in awe or red-faced. These cars come in many styles and designs, and car enthusiasts had a delightful time examining each one of them.

Car Decals, Subtle and Edgy

The Itasha car deco ranged from subtle to provocative, which made them all the more interesting to look at at the event. Some cars have anime-themed wraps on them, and one could see their favorite character right in front of them.  


Other cars have provocative decals on them, which could start a conversation amongst the people attending the event. It all added up to the spectacle of the event and enhances the overall experience for the attendees.

Cosplayers Under the Sun

The Sugoi Saturday 2023 April Event was an ideal platform for cosplayers to display their skills, costumes, and creativity. Participants came dressed in their favorite anime character costumes and tried to embody the persona of the characters.  


Cosplayers take this opportunity to unleash their creativity and come up with unique costumes that could get them a lot of praise and appreciation. The event provided an environment for cosplayers to come and mixed with other like-minded people who shared the same interests.

Super Kawaii Anime Themes

Sugoi Saturday 2023 April Event was a more toned-down version of the typical Honda Center gathering that happens every year. Still, it has not lost its charm. The event was an exceptional opportunity for anime aficionados to come out and experience the culture of anime and Japanese kawaii.  

Despite the heat, enthusiasm levels remained high. With free parking and free entry, anyone could enjoy the diverse range of vendors and the spectacle of the Itasha cars on display.

Sugoi Saturday April 2023 Pomona Event Did it Again!

This event has been a must-attend event for all cosplay and anime theme fans in the Inland Empire. It was an open and welcoming space for cosplay enthusiasts to come and participate, enjoy, and display their creativity.  

The event offered the perfect opportunity for people to immerse themselves in the exciting world of anime and experience unique elements that make up Japanese pop culture. With so much on offer, the attendees had a great time at this unique event.

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