Highlights of 2023 Off-Road Expo, Pomona @offroadexpo

Highlights of 2023 Off-Road Expo, Pomona: A Top-Experience Show Paradise for Outdoor Enthusiasts

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The Off-Road Expo is a highly anticipated annual event in the West Coast region that brings together off-road enthusiasts, outdoor activity lovers, and vendors from the automotive industry. The grand event was held at the Pomona Fairplex, the de facto venue for the Off-Road Expo. 

Despite the cloudy, occasional rainy weather, the event was a resounding success, captivating attendees with the multitude of show vehicles, vendor support, demonstration, stunt activities, and carnival food stands. Vendors showcased an impressive range of products, from tires and wheels to storage systems and accessories. 

The Off-Road Expo also proved to be an unforgettable event, captivating attendees with an exhilarating combination of family fun, off-road excitement, and remarkable encounters. From meeting Michael Scafuto and his "Team REAL Tracing" to being introduced to the beautiful Jace Marie at the Off Road Warehouse (ORW) booth, the event was filled with memorable experiences. Additionally, Pirates Cove Resort showcased stunning models, including the charismatic Tawny. 

Popular truck stunts and drifting demos kept spectators enthralled, while numerous food vendors served delicious meals, ensuring everyone had the energy to enjoy the festivities. The event also offered a plethora of show specials merchandise, attracting eager customers looking for the perfect addition to their off-road adventures. 

Ultimately, the 2023 Off-Road Expo proved to be a fantastic weekend of excitement and enjoyment for both families and off-road enthusiasts alike.

Under the Cloudy, Sunny, and Sometimes Rainy So-Cal Sky

The 2023 Off-Road Expo was held amidst overcast or sometimes rainy weather, creating a unique ambiance and adding an element of adventure to the event. Despite the inclement weather conditions, attendees demonstrated their enthusiasm for off-road vehicles and outdoor activities undiminished. The cool and crispy atmosphere only added to the thrill of exploring the various exhibits and interacting with fellow outdoor enthusiasts.

Pomona Fairplex: The Perfect Venue for Off-Road Expo

The Pomona Fairplex served as the ideal venue for the Off-Road Expo. Its versatile facilities provided ample space for the vast array of exhibitors, vendors, and visitors. The Fairplex's well-organized layout ensured easy navigation throughout the outdoor and indoor spaces, allowing attendees to explore all the offerings seamlessly.

Highly Accessorized Off-Road Trucks and Vehicles

One of the highlights of the 2023 Off-Road Expo was the stunning display of highly accessorized off-road trucks and vehicles. Lift kits, rugged tires, custom bumpers, and powerful winches were just a few of the modifications that showcased the off-road capabilities of these vehicles.

From sleek and stylish to rugged and utilitarian, the diversity in the designs catered to the preferences of every off-road aficionado. The exhibition revealed the boundless creativity and skill of off-road enthusiasts, and attendees reveled in the opportunity to witness firsthand the incredible engineering achievements on display.

Vendors Galore: Tires, Wheels, Shocks, and More

The Off Road Expo featured an extensive range of vendors catering to the diverse needs of off-road enthusiasts. Attendees were spoiled for choice with exhibitors offering top-of-the-line tires, wheels, shocks, exhaust systems, and many other essential components. Whether participants sought all-terrain tires capable of conquering any terrain or shocks designed to provide a smooth off-road ride, the variety and quality of products on display were unparalleled. 

Whether one was in search of all-terrain tires for off-road adventures or high-performance shocks for smoother rides, the exhibitors had an impressive range of products to cater to every need and budget.

Storage Systems, Accessories, and Décor

In addition to vehicle component upgrades, the Off-Road Expo boasted an extensive selection of vendors providing storage systems, accessories, and décor. Attendees could explore a variety of innovative storage solutions for their off-road expeditions, including roof racks, cargo carriers, and drawer systems. 


Furthermore, numerous booths showcased a wide range of accessories and decorative items, like lighted poles and flags, and others, allowing off-road enthusiasts to personalize their vehicles according to their style and preferences.

"Explorer Bear": Electric Coolers for Ultimate Convenience

One standout attraction at the 2023 Off-Road Expo was the "Explorer Bear" vendor display. The vendor showcased electric coolers that could be plugged directly into the vehicle's cigarette light socket or batteries, offering a convenient solution for keeping food and beverages cool at 32 degrees during off-road adventures. 

Attendees were impressed by the efficiency and practicality of this innovative concept, which demonstrated how technology could enhance the overall off-road experience.

Overland Showcases: A Haven for Outdoor Activity Lovers

The overland showcases at the Off-Road Expo garnered substantial popularity among outdoor activity lovers. These vendors and show vehicles provided a glimpse into the world of expedition-style off-roading, focusing on self-reliance and exploration. 


Attendees marveled at the meticulously designed setups, complete with off-road trailers, rooftop tents, cooking facilities, storage systems, and various other outdoor essentials. The overland showcases inspired attendees to embark on their own off-road journeys, fueling their passion for adventure and exploration.

Meeting Michael Scafuto and the "Team REAL Tracing"

One of the inspiring encounters at the 2023 Off-Road Expo was meeting Michael Scafuto and his "Team REAL Tracing" vehicles. Michael is a super chill person who loves to engage attendees and talk about the off-road experiences. 

He even let attendees sit inside his awesome off-road vehicle. It was a tight fit and the no door to enter. Jumping in and crawling out of the cage cockpit was an experience in itself. It was fun! Michael's presence at the event exemplified the spirit of resilience and perseverance that defines the off-road community.

Our Feature Model Jace Marie at the ORW Booth

The presence of Jace Marie, our featured model at the Off Road Warehouse (ORW) booth, added another layer of excitement to the event. Jace Marie's presence showcased the diverse appeal of the off-road lifestyle. Attendees happily accepted her offering of brochures at the ORW booth that potentially brought in important leads to the sales funnel.

Pirates Cove Resort: Showcasing Stunning Models and a Unique Atmosphere

Pirates Cove Resort emerged as a standout attraction at the 2023 Off-Road Expo. The booth not only provided a picturesque backdrop but also boasted an array of wonderful models, including the captivating Tawny who appeared in our past event coverage many times. 

Attendees marveled at the beauty of the models and the overall atmosphere created at the Pirates Cove Resort booth. The exhibit highlighted the unique bond between the off-road community and the allure of adventure and relaxation by the water.

Thrilling Truck Stunts and Drifting Demos

The 2023 Off-Road Expo kept spectators at the edge of their feet with thrilling truck stunts and drifting demonstrations. Attendees were treated to impressive displays of skill and precision as experienced drivers pushed their vehicles to the limit. 


The roaring engines and screeching tires enhanced the adrenaline-fueled atmosphere of the event, captivating both seasoned off-road enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Food Vendors: Fueling the Excitement

The 2023 Off-Road Expo ensured that attendees were well-nourished throughout the day with a plethora of food vendors. Even before noon, these vendors were bustling with customers seeking delicious meals to keep their energy levels high. 

From mouth-watering barbecues to delectable street food, a wide variety of culinary delights were on offer. The aroma of sizzling dishes permeated the air, further enhancing the festive experience and ensuring that everyone could fully enjoy the weekend's activities.

A Great Weekend for Families and Off-Road Enthusiasts

The 2023 Off-Road Expo held at the Pomona Fairplex successfully catered to the diverse interests and desires of off-road enthusiasts and outdoor activity lovers. Despite the cloudy, rainy weather, attendees reveled in the abundance of highly accessorized off-road trucks and vehicles, the wide range of vendors offering products from tires to storage systems, and the captivating overland showcases. The 2023 Off-Road Expo truly embodied the spirit of adventure, uniting individuals who share a love for off-road exploration and outdoor activities. 

Above all, the 2023 Off-Road Expo delivered a splendid weekend of entertainment for families and off-road enthusiasts. With activities catering to both young and old, attendees of all ages reveled in the shared experience. Families enjoyed the opportunity to spend quality time together, exploring the various exhibits, and witnessing the excitement of off-road stunts. Off-road enthusiasts connected with like-minded individuals, exchanging stories and ideas while immersing themselves in their shared passion.

The 2023 Off-Road Expo offered a unique atmosphere that fostered a sense of community, allowing attendees to forge lasting memories and friendships.



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