2012 SEMA - Wheels and Tires (Part 2)

Las Vegas, NV (Py) - 2Crave Alloys had a strong display at the SEMA show.  They brought in various lines of the wheels, notably the brand new Mach line, as well as the showy Heavy Hitters, and flagship long 2Crave line.  Each has distinctive features and cool applications.  Great work!


Styluz brought us a different approach to rims, with more colors, graphical designs, as well as the eye-catching patterns.  Together with D'Vinci, who has a legendary history of cool wheels, they are a formidable force in the industry!

And of course, Forgiato, the big lux car wheels and accessories company, has a wide, and we mean wide, presence at the SEMA show.  Not only they have a show floor in the South Hall, they have space outside the convention center halls, as well as the DUB show area.  Talking about major exposures.
Beyond the sheer physical presence, they brought in all types of hi-end lux cars, performance cars, and simply awesome cars, with various paints/finishes.  They showed us that it's not just about the elements inside the wheels, but it's about lifestyle choices and associations.  Brilliant branding we say!

Nitto Tire has a busy booth at the SEMA show for sure.  This year, a major push on the social media celebration as well as attract the hip young crowd with the EDM (electronic dance music) DJ/Producer Steve Aoki.  That blends in with the elegant and classy display, we say it's a very good mesh up!

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