2012 SEMA - A Spectacular Show of Innovations and Quality

Las Vegas, NV (Py) - When you go to the SEMA Show, you can expect endless lines of vendors and countless products and demos, as well as the hugest crowd that you can imagine inside the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC).

This year is no exception; you can feel the energy in the air, enticing new products on display, all knowledgeable staff ready to answer any questions, and tons of demos and promos. It's the ultimate gathering for all things automobile and related.

The SEMA Show is generally divided into three halls of the LVCC:
- The North Hall consists of Tools & Equipment, Collision Repair & Refinishing, Mobile Electronics, and Restyling & Car Care Accessories.
- The Central Hall is for Racing and Performance parts
- The South Hall has Tires and Wheels & Accessories, Trucks, SUVs, & Off-Road, Powersports & Utility Vehicles, as well as the New Product / Ideas Showcase.

As our magazine's name implies, we will mostly concentrate on the South Hall section through out the coverage. (Also, to truly understand the wide spectrum of offerings and services, the mere four days of the show are just not enough either. This could be a whole two weeks show easily.)

In SEMA show, they award four cars in four categories (one each) as the 2012 SEMA Award winners:
- Hottest Car: Ford Mustang
- Hottest Sport-Compact: Scion FR-S
- Hottest 4x4-SUV: Jeep Wrangler
- Hottest Truck: Ford F-Series

The Scion FR-S has a lot of publicity recently with its debut. The sleek-curved design and great mileage gives a good thumb up to the car, and the potential of accessorizing her would be the icing on the sweet cake.

At the same time, the Jeep Wrangler, Sand Trooper in the Mopar's booth looks totally awesome, and you feel like you just want to jump on it and take it to the Dune!

This year, we also decided that from this point on, the magazine will substantially increase the coverage and reporting of wheels and tires news and information. We hope that we can bring you not just sheer aesthetic presentation to the right-side of the brain, but also excite its left-side as well. We all look forward to feedback and input on how we can best provide information to you related to the wheels and tires.

The CEC Tires has several new products this year. The Antera line has introduced two new wheels, Type 521 (Mesh Style road wheel) and Type 509 (Directional multi-spoke SUV wheel) add that extra sophistication to the lux car look.  Very cool!  (the below right one is so new that we did not even catch the model number of it...)

We also meet up local wheel maker, almost our backyard, Galaxy Wire Wheels.  As you can imagine, it is for a different genre of cars, highly customized and a lot of time awesomely lowered.  Good work!  There are also Dotz and many other more.  We will continue the coverage in the next several serial articles.

The Scion FR-S is a really popular model.  At the MHT Wheels, we spotted another one, and she has two sets of different wheels. The unusual 9-Spoke design really put a special touch to the sleek looking wheels on this sleek looking car.

Tire companies always have cool cars and high performance tires to go with them.  Here we have a few to start with first, Falken, Pirelli here.

Lexani Custom Luxury Wheels always have an impressive presence at car shows.  They don't go to too many ones, but if they do, they DO!  With the newest lines of wheels on display shelves, as well as on the ultra-luxury cars, they totally look amazing!

Then there were many cars at the shows that are just, different.  It's definitely an eyeful of customization, modifications, and total alternations...  It's a car mod'er's heaven!

Okay, since we are Wheels and Heels, there must be wheels in the coverage.  Actually SEMA is one of the largest car promotional events of the year.  There are many top-notch promotional ambassadors at the show.  Kudos to SEMA!  You have the best of the best Corissa Furr for MHT, Daha Ju for Hankook,
as well as Chris Duke + Olivia Korte for Motorz TV, the Pirelli Girls,
Alex Rogeo, who is a true race car driver too, and Xplizit Club's car and model.
Life is wonderful, the show is fantastic!!  Our hats to all the hard working staff/crew as well as models!

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