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May 27, 2013

2013 Melyssa Grace Music Video Shoot at V's Performance

Orange, CA (Py) - If a great solder is identified by his scars, then looking at Melyssa Grace's car here and you can tell that her drifting hard work definitely shows through her cool car's both exterior and interior.  Cool!

At V's Performance place, the car meet gathered quite a few enthusiasts for the good cause of Melyssa's video shoot, as well as great BBQ.  It's a sunny day with booming music, and smell of enticing BBQ, it's destined to be a good time.
V's Performance (web site here [ext link]) is all about quality and professional work on performance cars.  They are located in Orange, CA, in the industrial blocks.  They have a long history of making high end cars working to pitch perfect and being innovative about their technical advances.  Great work guys!

May 25, 2013

2013 Wekfest LA Long Beach Car Show Highlights

Long Beach, CA (Py) - This year's Wekfest LA carries the same traditional of lots of amazing cars under the beautiful weather, right by the Queen Mary Memorial Park in Long Beach, CA.  The attendance rate has always been consistently very good and surely you will find many different types of cars and mods.
Wekfest started quite a few years ago and has become a major industry powerhouse.  Originally from the Bay area, and now they had the Hawaii event, and here in LA, as well as coming to San Francisco (San Jose), and planning to extend to NJ/NY, Texas and even maybe a Japan tour.  Very cool!
Each time at the Wekfest, you can spend a lot of time not just check out peer tuning enthusiasts' cars, but also talking about the new trends, exchange experiences, as well as find out more various vendors' offerings.  It's such a great event!  We look forward to future coverage of this great tradition!

May 23, 2013

2013 Concorso Ferrari Pasadena Car Showcase

Pasadena, CA (Py) - Do you know that Ferrari is 2013 the world's most recognized brand name, ahead of google and Coca-Cola and other big heavy duty brands?  That's a big wow! 
(according to the 2013 BrandFinance Global 500 list)

Therefore, we simply cannot call this a car show or a car meet.  2013 Concorso Ferrari car showcase is definitely a league of its own.  It was a sunny Sunday, the day right after the 2013 Bimmerfest in the other side of Pasadena.  We encountered this long line of Ferrari cars ranging from really vintage to the ultra new ones.  There were even two cars that were under the shroud, indicating something big is going happen for Ferarri.  Through out the history of Ferrari shown here, each person has his or her taste for a Ferrari.  

We are sure that in one of these beautiful cars, you would identify one that is your dream car if you can afford one someday.  It could be the one you first saw a car that is so exotic that it burns you to find out what that is.  Or the one that you saw in movies that is so magical that you would love to even just sit in one someday.  No matter what, they are all here, for you to pick and choose and decide.  What a treat!

There were also a panel judged prizes in 10 different classes for the Ferrari cars that are 1999 or older.  This encourages the preservation and expert care of a real piece of art works.


The vintage and the new have different design philosophies, like two different beauties described by a classic novel or a modern fiction.