SEMA Wheel Vendors including #NutekWheels #AsantiWheels #KonigWheels #RaysWheels #ForgelineWheels #Pyspeed

Las Vegas, NV, by Py Pai - At the 2013 SEMA show, among vast amount of wheels and tires vendors, Nutek Forged Wheels has a special place in the convention.  They had several new models to showcase in the show, and the upbeat of the staff indicated a strong push in the upcoming year.

Asanti Wheels has a diverse array of colors, designs, engineering on their displayed wheels.  It ranges from tweeter delicate lifestyle to serious boom-box level loudness on their wheel presences.

Konig Wheels had a wide spectrum of their wheel import representations from major aftermarket wheels manufacturers all over the world.  Inspecting through their display, one could imagine different applications of the wheels onto various types of vehicles and lifestyles as well.


The Wheel Group, TWG, and Wheel-1 Warehouse W-1 dazzled our cameras with their sophisticated design and intricate constructions.  With 40 plus years of wheel manufacturing experience, they maintain the cool style with various finishes, including chrome, machined, and white and black.


Rays Wheels, is a strong market player in the motorsports wheels arena.  The wheels are made in Japan and the designs fit into various racing requirements.  You would find many instances of their presence in major racing sports, like Formula 1 Championship, World Wide Touring Car, Japan's Super GT, as well as Le Mas Series in America. 

Another great racing wheel vendor is Forgeline, who custom make their high performance wheels to fit both street and circuit racing needs.  They take a different approach to the exterior designs than the others, providing a wider selection of various designs and styles for the customers's preferences.


Pyspeed is an upcoming Taiwan wheels manufacturer.  Taiwan has been a major wheel design and manufacturing powerhouse for many years.  Pyspeed has definitely conquered the China market for the luxury car wheels, where the growth has been exponentially.  Their main focus is on the import cars across European and Japanese and is aiming to replicate their successes in Asia to the US market too.

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