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Las Vegas, by Py - Asanti brought in their innovative designs to the wheels at the SEMA this year.  The kaleidoscope motif give a tint of 70's swirling patterns.  We think that they are very cool and definitely different than the rest of the pack.

Lexani Forged has a new line called Artis, which has a special treatment to the finishes of the wheels on top of the much more elaborate patterns on the spokes of the wheels.  This new line seems to appeal to the creative type of owners who can associate the design elements into their overall cool car look.  We love the direction Lexani is going, and love their outside the box thinking!


Rohana keeps their traditional design of the products, yet employed a cool painting artist to their wheel cap.  This is definitely different.  The wheels have that reliable and conservative style that can almost universally fit into many different type of vehicles across the board.

TSW Wheels brought in many demo wheels on their shelves that were truly dazzling to our eyes.




ACE Wheels has that cool European looks and cater to the performance savvy drivers.  Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and even Mustang GT are some of their most popular applications of the cool wheels.  We can visualize these fast cars fitted with these wheels and whipping through the Autobahn or highway I=95.

The wheels from BMF Wheels are like military constructs, which represent the great quality of durability and consistency.


Amercan Force truly make neon colors and whimsical quality fun for the wheel lovers.  These are statements, not just supporting elements.  They are loud, unique, and totally personal.

We were simply lost in this sparkling and sophisticated wheels display at the Milanni. Lots to see and lots to check out!


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