2013 #SEMA Wheels - Luxury and Performance Brands Including #Giovanna #2Crave #Savini

Las Vegas, NV, by Py - Car wheels are like human personalities; they come in different types and different ways of showing it.  At the 2013 SEMA show, as a tradition, the South Hall was filled with plethora of wheels vendors.  They range from small, almost like a momma and poppa shop up to gigantic display space with high end luxury cars lined up to aid the presence and intensity.

Giovanna is always so showy and display the best of the best.  In their expansive space, they had their newest and shinest wheels in display along side with the super performance cars to demonstrate their targeted markets and clientele.  Their minimalist design and colorful coasting make them a very suitable especially to the European cars.

2Crave Wheels took a different approach. They had a gigantic space as well, but instead of bringing the cars, the chose to do a stylish black backdrop to highlight their highly polished or chrome finishes on their wheels.  2Crave started in the market with the aim to the big sports utility cars and they show in the sizes and sturdy build of their wheels.  You can imagine these sleek wheels to be on one of the big SUVs in urban streets, rugged terrains, or snow covered trails.


Savini then did a 180 degrees direction of wheel design.  The spectacular colors and spiral spokes bring the dynamism to both the visuals as well as the constructions.  They are definitely have very unique designs, and would be very easy to spot when you see ones.


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