2014 Redline Time Attack #RTA at Auto Club Speedway @Redlinetimeattack

Fontana, CA, by Py - 2014 Redline Time Attack (RTA) has toured back to the vicinity of our headquarter that we could spend a lot of time covering the event.  At the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, which is about 50 miles straight east of Los Angeles on Freeway 10, RTA has put together a great event for everybody.  At the heart of the RTA, racing is a friendly competitive motorsport.  We often see drivers bonding with fellow racers and organizer creating a great atmosphere of a cool community of racing enthusiasts.
Cars were lining up to enter the grid for the practice run.

At the pit, where the cars got tuned and resting, and we got the chance to peek in and learn more about the cars and mods and specs.

The great vendor RacingLifestyle.com set up a booth at the venue, enjoying the racing atmosphere.

Redline Time Attack (RTA) also has merchandise, so don't miss them either when you were there or buy them on line!

The nail-biting moment of finding out your own standing at the competition.

The race began...


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