2014 #Toyotafest Long Beach Vintage Toyota Cars Show Case Part 1 Plus #2Crave Products

Long Beach, CA, Photos and Text by Py Pai - 2014 Toyotafest is our first time vising this long tradition of vintage and new Toyota car show.  Actually it's been running for 19 years, and we were glad that we finally made it this year.

Mainly, you can tell that this is one of the biggest Toyota fan get-together event.  There are rare Toyota vintage cars, including Celica, Supra, and older models of Corolla, and MR2 as well as SUVs.  The conditions of the majority of the cars are in impeccable state, and it's amazing how long these cars have survived and thrived under the cares of these enthusiastic owners.  

The event was held on the Long Beach Queen Elizabeth 2 Park, which is a cool grassy park.  Somehow, cars on grass look better and more personable than on the concrete or asphalt.  They are more... real.  In the past Toyotafest has always been the same place here.  There were a couple of times, they did not get this park, and had to move to a big parking lot in Orange County south of LA.  It was a baking oven and everybody missed the cool ocean/river breezes here.  We can tell that it will stay here for a long long time in the future.

If you ever owned a Toyota before, you would feel that you were at home.  There were many vintage and updated modern versions of this legendary brand in display here.  It's definitely a memory lane trip for us, as ourselves previous Toyota owners.

If you ever been to Japan and roamed around the streets in Tokyo or other metropolitan cities, you would probably spot some of the similar cars there, showing up here.  Some of the oldies but die-hardies were showing off their longevity and pristine conditions.  

In this series of coverage, we mainly focus on the vintage Toyota cars here, because they are just so rare to see in such a large cluster.  We totally enjoyed it and wanted to share with you some of the details, and more notably the cleanness of engine compartment designs compared to today's all electronic modular evolution version.  We have to say it was a good time that you can actually touch and tell what parts they are for and hack them with your hands.  These are from the good old days, and for sure very good days...

2Crave Company is always so innovative and popular at car shows.   This time, they brought in their wheels and their rides and their models.  We lovingly applaud them for their consistent support to the car show community and always bring their A+ game to the show.  What an awesome brand!!


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