2014 KKT #OctaneFestival Awesome Car Exteriors and Cool Wheels

 Irwindale, CA, by Py - This is a brand new experience for us.  The Krispy Kreme Tuesday (KKT) Team created a different type of car meet / show called Octane Festival.  This time, we took a decisive approach on getting the coverage of most flashy car exteriors at the show.  Even though there were not as many cars as what used to be in other KKT events, there were still some really cool cars and awesome paint/wrap works.  Here are the couple of them presented here...


 The Socal Auto Dip company demonstrated the cool work that they have done on their car.  The material is rubber instead of plastic and it's the first of its kind to be serviced on the west coast, according to the gentleman Robert who explained the details about this process.  He even showed us that pretty much anything can be done with their rubber paint, even on wheels and helmets.  He also said that the whole car can be done within a day and the choice of colors are pretty much limitless, even including sparkling speckles infused too.

 Our print issue #17 cover car is Chris' GTR equipped with Ace Alloy wheels.  We did not get to see Chris' car here, but Archie's cool car was on display for us to take awesome photos.  Among all others, one thing that really impressed us is the real wooden decorated wheels on his car.  That's just genius!



 Vertini Wheels brought in their big wheels to the show!


 Stance Wheels brought their colorful array of wheels here!