#2Crave Wheels, Concrete Addicts and Raceline in DUB Anaheim 2014

Anaheim, CA / by Py Pai 
2Crave is always a staple to the car shows like DUB, low rider, as well as import tuners.  Their tireless promotional works have earned them one of the top vendors in the world of car shows and events.  At the 2014 DUB shows, they first release a brand new tire series called Heavy Hitters that is perfect for the showy cars like the ones in the DUB Show.  Then at the DUB Anaheim show, they brought in the big ones and the luxury ones to show their artistry of wheels and rims talents.

Also in the DUB Anaheim 2014 are the Concrete Addicts and Raceline vendors showing their own interpretation of perfect rims.  Obviously they have a different approach, and we view them as ying and yang at work.

Definitely check out the pictorials of this article as well as their individual web sites for more awesome products!