The Flashest The Loudest The Baddest Car Show - DUB Show Anaheim

Anaheim, CA / by Py Pai 
DUB Shows are renown for their larger than life ultra-lifestyle showings.  They gather the nation's super cool cars, highly customized rides, and all types of arts and crafts on cars that we can only get a peek at such shows.

During the DUB Anaheim, we have the opportunity to inspect some of the awesome cars in the Angel Stadium huge parking lot.  Just from the get go, you want to go directly to the lowrider section of the car show display.  They are the one that have the most elaborate artwork, extra oomphs in their speakers, and magic pneumatic system to make the ride go bumping and bouncing.

Southern California is the ideal place for these rad rides.  The plenty sunlight shining directly on these cars, showcasing the beautiful and thoughtful artworks painted on these cars. Many have stories to tell, moments to commemorate, or artistry to show.  They are simply gorgeous and super eye catching!  We always have highest respect to both the artists and the car owners who both invest in this form of high ride arts!