Motorcycles That Money Cannot Buy (Today) at 2014 IMS Progressive International Motorcycle Show Long Beach

 Long Beach, CA, by Py Pai - At the 2014 Progressive International Motorcycle Show (IMS) Long Beach, we have witnessed some of the avant-garde and super sexy motorcycles debuted or showcased at the show.  One thing is that they all cannot be bought, yet.  They are the latest and the greatest and the newest and hot-off-the-production models.  You won't see them at the dealership nor your friend's garage.  These are either the 2015 models or some of them are even 2016 preview version that are for the public to consume.

We here at the press day ahead of the door wide open tomorrow, have captured some of the stunning photos first hand and bring them back to you so that you can come prepared to the show this Friday, Saturday and Sunday (11/14 - 11/16, 2014).  The Long Beach Convention center space occupied by the IMS is very walkable and there are many + many motorcycles and accessories and various gears to see.  It can easily be a two day casual consumption of your weekend (or early weekend).

Ducati Motorcycles 

Staring alphabetically, we have the Ducati 1299 Panigale model as well as a sibling model on the stage.  They are so new that we did not even have the chance to really check out their specs.  Definitely worth coming over to check out yourself of these powerful yet luxurious awesome motorcycles.

 Honda Motorcycles 

At the Honda booth, we found the Honda Valkyrie model and Honda CB300F model motorcycle in display showing different types of muscles and beauties and economical approaches.

 Suzuki Motorcycles

We did not know that the Suzuki GSX-R has a new life, and it's showing its prowess here looking great!

 Suzuki RM-Z450 bike can definitely conquer a lot of mountains as well as Supercross terrains.

 Victory Motorcycles

Victory Motorcycles have a different philosophy about building motorcycles.  The Victory Gunner is a status symbol with a beefy strong and durable look.  Definitely it's a man's man-motorcycle in our opinion.

 We had a great pleasure meeting Aissa Widle, Mariah Shannon and Ashley Caple at the Victory booth.  What an amazing beauty and the awesome beast combination!

 Yamaha Motorcycles

Yamaha FJ-09 motorcycle may not have the most catchy model name, but the versatility of the accessories is very impressive.  Even the color of the bike is called "Candy Red", very cute, we have to say.

 The Yamaha YZF-R3 motorcycle comes as a brand new design at a very affordable price.  Don't let the entry level bike price tag to fool you.  The motorcycle is a very well designed with a highly polished look.  It has best of both the world!

 Yamaha YZ250FX bike looks like a praying mantis, which is super cool, because it shows the agility and flexibility and adaptability.  These are the perfect capabilities to be a great dirt bike satisfying many outdoor enthusiasts.

There are a few more that are not included in the highlight coverage here.  We will bring them to you in the future coverage as well as individual manufacturer's detailed pictorial report!  Definitely don't miss them in the following days! 

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