Stunning and Rare Cars from 2014 #SEMA !! (70 Pictures!)

A white 2015 BMW i8 in 2Crave booth with both doors spring up on display
2015 White BMW i8 in 2Crave Booth in SEMA 2014
 Las Vegas, NV, by Py Pai - SEMA is a major showcase event of all things about cars.  Even though its moniker is for after market parts, where else is a better place to show how the parts can fit the car with beauty, strength, and innovation than the largest in the states, SEMA.  Many vendors brought in SEMA worthy cars to both the show floor shiny and spotlighted, or outside on the convention center driveway, where they are lined up bumper to bumper.

It is not enough just to bring a ultra luxury car, like a Lamborghini, or Ferrari, in their stock condition.  There are too many of them already.  One has to make it unique and different, or eye-arresting, or it's a rare to the rarest prize model. Anything below this threshold is bound to be skimmed over.

Here are some cases in point for this year's 2014 SEMA show...  At the 2Crave booth, they brought in a white 2015 BMW i8 to the show.  People just cannot stop looking at it, taking pictures of it, and trying very hard to refrain themselves to get inside and get a first hand feel of it.  It's just simply a art and technology coming together beautifully.

Just like the promotional models in the same field, cars need to have that high attention demand to attract traffic and eye balls and press-coverage to achieve their best marketing effects.  Therefore, SEMA is always a treat of these double awesome promotional effects that reward attendees much more than just product knowledge acquisition, or first hand tactile evaluation of real products.

Here we have gathered some of the very eye-catching cars from the 2014 SEMA show.  They are in the random order, because we were wandering across different halls through out the show.  Each vendor definitely has a different approach to what they think are cool, unique or rare, or simply awesome.  Now I share with you some of them here in the full article with more than 70 pictures of them.   Definitely check out future articles for more exciting coverage of more cars and more products at the 2014 SEMA!

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