The Cool, The Fast, and The Untouchable - 2014 LA Auto Show's Latest and Greatest Cars! #laautoshow

Los Angeles, CA, by Py Pai - LA Autoshow is always a heavy hitter in the auto show circuit around the world.  Many cars have been debuted in this venue of its 107 years of running (founded in 1907.)  This year, on top of no exception to its history trajectory of releasing new car models from their manufacturers, we also witnessed some of the new technologies being commercially introduced to the general public.

2014 LA Auto Show is a great success starting from the press day that we attended to the continuations of our coverage.  Even before the show starts, an influx of news and information was updating the media community and the graphics and contents included are simply modern and valuable.  Then the show management is so well organized that we found little problems to navigate around the registration and show floor.  Once you start to smell the new car aromas, there are back to back car debuts or press conference as well as activities that will keep all busy from the start to the end.  Many VIPs and companies executives made appearances and pitching their latest and greatest.  It's like a media fireworks that last from day start to day end.  We witnessed many of the awesome new cars from the top manufacturers.  Hydrogen Fuel Cell is the new hybrid replacement as the crowd darling.  They are finally here in a massive way.  Luxury cars are upgraded with even more forward thinking niceties, and muscle cars added with more power and efficiency.  Also many new models were unveiled during the press day and are available for purchase in early or mid part of 2015.  That means the people who are interested in getting a new car, and see what are coming down the pike and make an informed decision on buy or will buy.  Overall, 2014 LA Auto Show is definitely a must-go for the car enthusiasts and potential car buyers.

Here we have the highlights of many "latest and greatest" cars according to the manufacturers' representatives.  They were eager to show case what are coming to stores and what we can dream of.  Of course, we are eager to show them to you many of them that are not in your local car showrooms yet, and virtually bring you tot the future...

In any of the auto show, they are always the three pronged approach, the cool, the fast, and the untouchable.  They can be seen across this year's 2014 LA Auto Show too.

The Cool 

The cool cars that have the latest and greatest that are the new year's car, e.g. 2015 or 2016 for this year's show.  Some of them are available already in the dealerships that you can buy today.  There are then some forward looking models that will come in Christmas, or the Q1 next year.  These cars usually have the redesign or restyle (not inside out redesign), or simply adding various trim levels or accessories to energize the consumer to choose with their own lifestyle decisions.

The Fast

Then the fast ones are the loudest in the engine and power train department.  They scream for muscle either shown outside, or subtly tugged under the hood.  They are the cars that not your supermarket shopping cart can hit, because they are not their to pick up the groceries, well, usually not, unless you live in Malibu or some other posh are codes.  The selling points of most these cars are simply the numbers, powerful numbers, numbers that can make you head dizzy just like you are driving one or sitting in one of them driven by a dizzy driver.

The Untouchable

The last but not the least are the untouchables, which are usually roped off on a platform. They are the concept cars, which translate to we don't know when it will be available but they totally look cool in an auto show.  Every one of them is visually stunning, and would make you feel like you are in a time warp fast forwarding to a decade or two in the future.  These cars could well be in any futuristic sci-fi movies or games, some of them are already.  You could probably treat it like an art gallery visit and appreciate the masterpieces on pedestals.

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