Top Of The Line Wheels at #SEMA2014 Part 2 #Rohanawheels

Las Vegas, NV, by Py Pai - (continued from the Part 1 coverage of 2014 SEMA Wheels Vendors) Among the more wheels vendors at the 2014 SEMA show, some of the innovative technologies have been deployed in the products showcased in the show.  We here at the Wheels and Heels Magazine always ask the companies which are the newest and greatest and latest products.  They always happily to point to their brand new debuted completely new line released in SEMA or the ones that gathered a lot of attention or incorporated the newest technologies.

Rohana Wheels

Here at Rohana Wheels, they have released a new line of wheels, RF1 series, which has the technology of rotary forming, which creates lightweight but agile wheels suitable for many speed enthusiasts.

Konig Wheels

Nismo Wheels

Forgiato Wheels

Vossen Wheels

AMF Wheels

MKW Wheels

Velocity Wheels

One of the cool technologies that Velocity brought to the show is the two-piece wheel construction. Therefore, one can switch the outter rim or inside core to fit their lifestyle choices.  It's as simple as un-screw the nuts and then rescrew them back once the new piece is in place.  That totally fits the new trend of customization, now that even Pizza Huts are their customers customization which virtually has millions of possibilities.

F1R Wheels

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