Top Of The Line Wheels at #SEMA2014 Part 1 #saviniwheels #esmwheels

Las Vegas, NV, by Py Pai - At the 2014 SEMA show, we mainly focus on the wheels department of the show, because they are our bread and butter contents associations and the most advanced adopter of lifestyle marketing.  Through the rows of metals all constricted in a round shape configuration, there lies the arts and design convergence.  

Creating a unique design that satisfies both the engineering intrinsic requirements and the highly visible and fiercely judged aesthetics, of course, is not an easy feast.  Among all the car parts and accessories, this is one on the top billing of the most challenging creation department.  No wonder that the lifestyle concept is easily instilled in this segment of the hard metal auto world.  It's appealing to both sides of the brain and only one can be "the one" in the eyes of the beholders.

Savini Wheels

Savini Wheels is one of the absolutely top wheels company. Not only they have unique designs that specifically address their core markets, they also understand the power of promotional power.  They produce the top line products that meet the demands of the most critical customers.  

The Prestige Marketing team has many cars that are fitted with Savini wheels.  Their cars have won many top honors across many major shows, including Spocom, HIN and many others.  That's a clear statement of the work quality and articulated designs that can cannot be easily duplicated or simply copied.  

ESM Wheels

Zenetti Wheels

Rovos Wheels