Panasonic Gogoro Electrical Scooter Shines at CES 2015

 Wheels and Heels Magazine / Las Vegas, NV / by Py Pai 
As population concentration seems to be focusing on the urban areas these days, many cities spruced up as the fastest growing segment of the housing market and population growth.  Urban living usually comes with the dilemma of owning a car or two and finding parking spaces.  As home go vertically, the parking space is usually a luxury than rights.  Innovations must come in and transportation lifestyle has to give somehow.

We are a firm believer of clean (or cleaner at least) energy consumption and small footprint.  Here comes a neat solution provided by Panasonic scooter, Gogoro.  We don't quite the name and branding, but we are totally excited about the design and philosophy behind it.

Gogoru is an electrical scooter, which the concept is not new, but hardly widely adopted yet.  Many motorcycle companies have offered similar solutions, but most of them fall back to their big frame and heavy duty engine siblings.  Gogoru comes in the light weight, personal size scooter construction.  This makes navigation much easier and parking much more convenient.

 Then you ask, how far can it go?  According to their spec, it can travel up to 100KM (roughly 60 miles), which is more than enough for many urbanites to go to supermarket, maybe even to work or on-site jobs.  But more to that is that their batteries can be replaced.  You can bring more batteries to go extra extra distance.  That's cool, isn't it?!  According to their web site ( charging the batteries takes not much time either.  This is very cool!

 We highly applaud this direction of the personal transportation.  If the whole eco-system can be built up, including manufacturing, retails, parts and services, charging availability as well as security and theft prevention, it would be a wonderful world, at least for the urban people that rather enjoy the spring breezes blowing their hairs than stuck in the traffic listening to the loud booms from the car next to you...


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