Very Cool, Smart, and Simply Awesome Bicycle Wheels from Flykly (CES 2015)

Wheels and Heels Magazine / Las Vegas, NV / by Py Pai
We went to the Sands Expo where is actually where a lot of truly ground breaking ideas that are being shown and selling and sold.  This is where a ton of start ups and kick starters that come face to face with potential investors, media press, as well as distribution channels for their inventions to become reality, and hopefully generated a few more billionaires along the way.

One of the very cool company has a product called Flykly.  We are not sure how the origin of the name comes from, but their concept is genius  Basically they have this great concept of augmenting bicycle wheels with an electrical motor and rechargeable battery.  It goes without saying that the motorized wheel turns any bicycle into an electrical bicycle.  However, the best part and most genius part is that the battery can be recharged by braking as well as by paddling backwards when on downhills.  Now this one of the cleanest, innovative, and best use of wasted energy ways in transportation applications.

The additional beauty is that it can be fitted to the majority of bicycles.  Basically you just replace the back wheel with their wheel and you are good to go.  There is no reinventing the whole system to enjoy the benefits of it.  Very cool!

We fell in love immediately at the spot.

Right now, they are actively selling in the European region, and will come ot the US this year.  As cleaner the better, reclaiming as much wasted energy the better kind of guys we are, we look forward to seeing the company to flourish and someday we can use their product as well!

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