DUB LA 2015 Amazing Cars Highlight #DUB

Amazing Bodies of Car Works, Inside and Out at DUB LA 2015

DUB LA show brought the classic, lowrider, tuner, luxury and performance cars all under one gigantic roof

 Los Angeles, CA / Py Pai
DUB show is known for their wide range of styles of cars that demonstrate both the visual impact booms and upgrade detail trebles.  Across the sea of cars and vendors at the 2015 DUB LA show, it's easy to spot amazing cars and stop to appreciate the details and works done to them.  In no time, you suddenly realized that the show is half way gone, after just a few cars...

These amazing cars not only show the sweat and money the owners put into their beloved possessions, they also represent the lifestyle of this slice of the community as well as loudness and the brashness of their prides. Here is a quick peek into some of the cars that caught our fancy and brought you here for your appreciation. We will have more in future coverage.  Definitely stay tuned!

Awesome Cars

Vintage Cars

 Lowrider World

 Beefy and Bold

 Luxury Rides

 Performance Beauties

Other Types of Showig

 Body Arts

 Ultra Interesting