IMS 2014 LB Euopean Muscle Houses of Motorcycle, Ducati, Triumph and BMW

The European beauties and beasts at the IMS 2014 Long Beach!!

Long Beach, CA / by W&HM Staff
European motorcycles always have a different design philosophies than the rest of the world's, which is true vise versa as well.

Here at the 2014 Progressive International Motorcycle Show, we got a glimpse of the latest and greatest motorcycles that were debuted there. The major motorcycle manfuacturors did not spare the bells and whistles to show their newest inventions and marketing prowess. We see Ducati, Triumph, and BMW coming from three corners of the European zone, showing off their their best works.  Here are the visual tour of the coolest motorcycles at the show to demonstrate the ingenuity of these great manufacturers!