#SEMA 2015 Off Road Truck Highlights @SEMAShow

Off Road Trucking is Taking Off, So in SEMA 2015 as Well

wheelsandheelsmag.com / Las Vegas, NV / Py Pai

Off road trucking has been a big hit in the US car market.  Many of the car makers are trying to capture this uptick trend with varying offerings.  At the same time, aftermarket accessories and customization manufacturers are eager to provide their products to fulfill this strong demand.

At SEMA 2015, many of the off road aftermarket product companies sent in their highly customized cars to show off their various add-ons or upgrades for specific needs and wants of the market.  

King Shocks is long known for their sturdy and powerful shock offerings to off road trucks and buggies.  The vehicles that they brought in demonstrated how various configurations and applications of their shocks in them.  

There were also urban trucks and SUVs that are accessorized by the leading brands of the off road customization companies.  From LED light bars, to fog and flood lights, to the front bumpers integrated with the XHD systems.  It provided a great chance fro the SEMA attendees a great chance to see what are new in the market and talk to the product specialists about their needs.

Here are some cool trucks and buggies to check out from the SEMA 2015 show: