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Highlights of Motorcycles and Models at Progressive International Motorcycle Shows Long Beach 2015

Long Beach, CA / W&HM Staff
To say the least that this is the biggest motorcycle show in the southern California region, Progressive International Motorcycle Show (IMS) Long Beach is the one that motorcycle enthusiasts and communities to gather and directly connect to the manufacturers.  IMS 2015 Long Beach is geared to be a fun, informational, and first-hands-on experience for many bike lovers and their families to spend a good day at the Long Beach Convention Center.

All the major motorcycle manufacturers have their prominent presence at various spots in the convention hall.  The hall was filled end to end with all the shiny and sleek displays of their latest and greatest and most popular as well as some conceptual motorcycles in display.

This year, we see a lot of reaching-to-new-consumer styles of entry level motorcycles at the show.  The key is to encourage more young and future motorcycle drivers to join the community.

We also heard some really impressive and inspiring stories from bike owners, including Terry Borden from, who traveled up and down the America (especially in south America) on his BMW motorcyce together with his wife and his son.  Definitely check out their web site to see all the fun adventures that they have embarked.  We will have more detailed recounts from him later in a future article of the IMS 2015 coverage.

Many motorcycles are brand new models or upgrades that the general public cannot order yet. That also includes accessories and gears.  Arai's latest helmet (shown below) is one of the lightest helmets that we have lifted and it's definitely very good good for rider's delicate necks.  These will be available soon for the holiday we heard.


Overall, Progressive International Motorcycle Show Long Beach 2015 has a great start and many motorcycles and gears to see and touch.  Definitely it's a great weekend spending time for the motorcycle lovers and families alike!

Harley Davidson Motorcycles

BMW Motorcycles

Ducati New Motorcycles

Suzuki Motorcycles

Yamaha Motorcycles

Indian Motorcycles

Victory Motorcycles

Motorcycle Accessories and Gears - Arai


Honda Motorcycle

Show Custom Motorcycles

Bike Trick Demos and Freestyling

Even Police Motorcycle Was Here

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