Hollywood, Anime, and Steampunk Jazz Up LA Autoshow 2015 @LAAutoShow

Imaginations of Hollywood, Anime, and Steampunk Trimmed Up LA Autoshow 2015 Fanciful Cars

Los Angeles, CA / Py Pai

After many exhausting press conferences of new car debuts and innovative concepts introduced, it's refreshing to see some of the ingenious fun cars being displayed at the LA Autoshow 2015.

There is plenty of media coverage of all the new cars and next year's upgrades in the news.  We decided to eat the dessert first before the main course.  Here we are introducing the fun-size and cool-tech futuristic rides, or retro nostalgia, that drew imaginations from Hollywood, anime as well as steampunk, at this year's LA Autoshow.

International car manufacturers turned out to have more fun in this aspect of the car line up than the domestic American big brothers.  Fiat has a 500e "Stormtrooper" concept car at the back of their display space.  then Toyota really hit it big with the "Back to The Future" Mirai that looks super futuristic.  However, being Japanese, Toyota augmented the word "futuristic" with their tint of anime culture influence.  Their single-person single-person car, i-ROAD, is a fully functional almost miniature car compared to the other day-to-day cars that they display at the show.
Then at the Aftermarket hall, someone brought in the steampunk style shiny chrome cars that conjures the good old fashion of the impossible dream cars.
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Fiat 500e Stormtrooper Concept Car

 Toyota i-ROAD Concept Car

 Toyota Back to The Future Mirai

 Aftermarket Steampunk Cars