Big Highlight of LA Autoshow 2015 @LAAutoShow

 The First Highlight of Brand New Cars, Cool Cars and One of a Kind Cars in LA Autoshow 2015

Los Angeles, CA / Py Pai
This year's LA Autoshow is an exciting event.  Even though there were not a slew of debuts of new models at the show, there were plenty interesting cars that would make you feel that you want a new car next year!

There were several themes of cars that showcased in this year's LA Autoshow.  One of them is electrical vehicles.  Even though the leading runner of this car technology, namely Tesla, is not here in the LA Autoshow this year, there were many electrical cars that were introduced, or highlighted at the show.  This reflects the market desire of greener and less-petro consumption at the consumer's minds.  Audi introduced the line of e-tron series at the show and gathered a lot of interests.  Mainly it's one of the few luxury European brands that offer this technologies to the market.

Alfa Romeo has greatly expanded their display space and brought in several retro and new cars for their show space.  The sheer beauty of those retro classic cars would conjure one's yearning for more humanistic designs than today's engineering driven curves and lines.

Besides the bread and butter car models, there were many showy concept cars as well as unique race cars in display at the show.  These cars are like the rocketeer suites for a fanciful teenage boys in the 50's.  It's a wow moment for adults at the car show, wondering when we can get those cars in our garages.  One of them is a small package of single seater, Toyota i-ROAD, that sure can fit into today's urban lifestyles.  With the increasing population densities in various metropolitan cities, this could definitely be the envy of one's neighbors.

In the aftermarket hall, even though many were still setting their booths, you can already see a lot hot cars, like really unique hot cars.  One of them is the Savini's 3d-printed wrap of a GTR in the back of the aftermarket section.  "Do Not Touch" sign still did not persuade a lot of people to reach out and touch that one-of-the-kind car skins.

Overall, this year's LA Autoshow has been a fun and great success.  After the first day press conference chairs removed, there will be a lot more cars showing on the floor.  We can predict that it will be a great time for anyone to go to the show, either learn something, or making their minds of buying something.

Here is a big summary pictorial highlight of the press day one coverage.  More to come in the future!