SEMA 2015 Top Wheel Companies: FondMetal Wheels, Motiv Luxury Wheels, and Center Line Alloy Wheels

Most Impressive Wheels Companies, FondMetal, Motiv, Center Line Wheels at SEMA 2015 Show

Las Vegas, NV / Py Pai
There were many wheel companies in the South Hall of SEMA 2015.  However, a true gem is actually outside the gigantic hall, shining bright and strong, literally.  Fondmetal, Motiv, Center Line and Gear wheels were right at the side of Performance Pavilion showroom by the South Hall.

The cul de sac corner space gave these companies a wonderful chance to show case their products in a very cozy and immersive manner.  Attendees were feeling at ease and welcomed by the set up as well as the great personnel that they had there.

It did not come as easy as it seemed on the contrary.  The original allocation of the space was spread out near by the drive way and streets of the front door of SEMA.  With brilliant team recognized the problem of security and marketing challenges, they worked it out with the show organizer and got this wonderful lot for the grand display of their wheels, cars, and team.

We totally salute to the great team that saw the difficult situations, mitigated the risks and shined at the final set up.  That's one of the essence of a great team!  Our hats off to the team all!

Here is a quick recap of the three wheels display that we captured during our multiple visits.

BTW, they had the one of the best of the show promotional team at the event.  We could not thank them enough for giving us the exclusive access for the coverage opportunities.  They totally rock!

Fondmetal Wheels

We love Italian designs.  They have a way of conveying human feelings, mastery craftsmanship, and impeccable high aesthetics. The deeply rooted art history in the culture, we expect nothing but the best when wheels are made-in-Italy.  We definitely found the great evidences here at SEMA show 2015, in the Fondmetal Wheels. Their minimal and yet still organic and intricate designs 

Motiv Luxury Wheels

The Motiv Wheels line of products are ideal for the luxury cars that want unique additions to their lifestyle.  The dazzling finishes of the wheels, and eye-catching structures have made them distinct from the rest of the pack in the market.

Center Line Alloy Wheels

The good old made-in-American alloy wheels, have been making top quality wheels for decades.  The all american car lifestyles, including off road trucking, hot rodding, as well as (legal) street and drag racing, and others, are the perfect fit for the the Center Line's tough and articulated wheels.  With the colors and builds of these wheels, one could definitely see them on many trucks and SUVs either in an urban jungle, or a dry-salt lake bed, or sandy or dirt paths in hills and mountains.