SEMA 2015 Wheels Coverage: 2Crave, Heavy Hitters, and Big Bang

2Crave Brought Their High-Style Designs to the SEMA 2015 Show
Las Vegas, NV / Py Pai

2Crave is well known for their strong design images from their wheels and their branding.  Each time you visit their booth, you would immediately impacted by their high aesthetics and dramatic displays.

At the SEMA 2015 show, Big Bang wheels brand are interlaced with the strong visuals on their cool wheel display.  The articulated and elegant curves and lines showed the company's commitments to the strong designs and market demands.

Big Bang Wheels

Heavy Hitters

The gorgeous lines of Heavy Hitters Wheels products would make one feel breathless.  The careful articulation of the constructions and bold and loud visual elements would make any cars with the wheels an instant head turner.  We simply love how the cleanness and minimalist elements in their wheels that would make any drivers on those cars with these wheels feel like driving on the 7th heaven.