Unique Exhibit of Savini Wheels in #SEMA 2015 @saviniwheels

The Top Wheel Company, Savini Wheels, Brought in Unique and Strong Products to SEMA 2015

Las Vegas, NV / W&HM

This year, Savini Wheels had a marvelous booth in the SEMA 2015 show.  The company is reknown for their unique and strong design and articulated execution of their productions and products.  At the show, they introduced a new off-road wheel line, GRID, that is addressing the red hot off road market.

Surveying the display of their various wheel designs, you would immediately immerse yourself in the wonderland of the high lifestyle car customization.

It's always the case that Savini has some of the most outlandish cars at any car shows.  They are well known for their unique selections of show cars, and how much impacts they bring to the car community.

This time, Savini had a GTR in a highly articulated chrome style finish body directly shipped from Japan!!  This GTR is a super famous car in Japan as well as in the world.  We were totally impressed for sure, and so were the crowd fully wow'd by the awesomeness of the car!

Here are some of the highlighted wheels that were at the show.  You can visit their web site to see the full line of their products: http://saviniwheels.com/