Clinton Lum Brought Us The Mitsufest & Redline Time Attack Racing Shots @calibre68 / W&HM Staff

Our sage contributing photographer Clinton Lum has brought us the cool shots of the Mitsufest / Redline Time Attack racing shots on the vast Autoclub Speedway, Fontana, CA.  As the natural of the racing, Redline Time Attack in conjunction with Mitsufest, provided a great venue for car racing enthusiasts to have a safe and defined tracks to test out their skills and push their cars' limits.

At the course, you would see a lot more diverse selections of cars on the track.  They are mostly from the JDM domain for sure, but also the European performance were popular there.

The soft sun and gentle breezes made the racing a fun activity together with the Mitsufest car show.  You can also find the Mitsufest show coverage here.

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