#SEMA 2015 Urban Trucks and SUVs Scream Loud and Powerful

Las vegas, NV / W&HM
There were a lot of show heavy duty SUVs and trucks that are meant to show their prowess and unique purposes than the every day use.  Of course there are accessories that are not practical to work commute or adventures.  However their showmanship is totally in their appearance.  Meanwhile, there are more business-meaning installations here.  The extra strengths of the armored guard from USSV is impressive and obvious for the purpose of its build.  The strengths of the protection and security provided by the products is evident in their presence.  

At the Performance Pavillion, there were many of the show cars near the West Coast Custom section, and housed a lot of highly custom and heavily accessorized rides.  Here are just a few glimpses: 

In the South Hall main exhibits, there were a lot more trucks and pick-ups, that have been transformed into a totally different style.  Many of them are beyond recognition to their original forms.  That means the custom masters have done their excellent work through their articulations of custom car arts.