Big Fun Block Car Party at Concept One and Klutch Wheels Open House Sales Event / W&HM Staff

It was a bright sunny and cloudy day, which is perfect for a car meet event.  Well, any day with a big sale of cool wheels is a perfect day!

Concept One Wheels and Klutch Wheels banded to have a ultra relaxing and easy-peasy fun car meet with their mega wheels on sale.

The eye-popping sale prices are simply breathtaking and made anyone spotted them had the urge to grab one, or actually 4 of them at once!

Of course, besides the super sale opportunities, there were a lot more activities in this car meet.  Many vendors showed up at the event, including JDM Sport, Extreme Autofest, Simple LA, Race Wars LA, and very interestingly Spearmint Rhino girls and team doing the charity raffle, with the leading lady Lillie Suzanne and other cool talents.

We met up the marketing head of Concept One, Edgar, and he described it as a car block party.  And he is thinking of expanding it bigger next year too!  We sure are happy to hear that!

The majority of the show presence, of course, were the chic cars, and their owners and fans.  The lot and overflow lot, and more lots were full of JDM and exotic cars.  There were several very eye-catching cars that simply shouting at you visually that you could not do anything else but stopped and look at them, closely, and very closely.  We will have the winning show cars in our evaluation to be shown individually in the following articles.  Definitely Stay tuned!

Overall, this is an awesome and relaxing car meet block party, and definitely a great sale event for the Concept One Wheels and Klutch Wheels!  Great job and we totally look forward to the next year's bigger event!

** Note: if your car is in this coverage, please email us at so that we can provide proper credit(s) to you.

Concept One Wheels and Klutch Wheels Car Meet at City of Industry, CA

Vendors include JDM Sport, and others

Lillie Suzanne (right most) with Spearmint Rhino Team!

Raffle time!

Smiling to video taping!!


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