Taipei Itasha and Itansha Car and Motorcycle Meet by 台灣痛車文化推廣協會

The highly decorative motorcycles and scooters showed strong promise and support at a great Intansha gathering at Taipei Electronic City, by 台灣痛車文化推廣協會 / W&HM Staff

As mentioned in the previous article, "Itasha" or "痛車" is a highly decorative art of Japanese ACG (Anime, Comics, and Gaming) Characters on cars.  The same version on scooters and bikes are called "Intansha", or "痛単車".

The good shapes on the front fender of scooters provide a perfect showcase piece for the Itansha lovers, and really gives the theme a full front demonstration.  The rest of the motorcycles would require creative thinking as well as very handy works to complete a total look.
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