Iconic "Grasshopper" 65' Ford Econoline 460 Showcased at Retro Belt in SEMA 2019, by W&HM, @semashow #sema

The unmistakable and unique retro-build Ford Econoline 460 reinvented to be "GrassHopper" at the Retro Belt in 2019 SEMA show

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The "GrassHopper" car is such an iconic Americana style with that specific Hot Wheels toys feel to it. The body is covered with very green exterior paint that highlights the characteristic of a grasshopper.

  • 1965 Ford Econoline 460 V8
  • Owner:  Tom Antunes
  • Basset boat headers
  • Dana 60 posi-traction read end
  • 8way air ride system
  • Retrosound hunting Radio

I have to believe that it could be fun to drive around and getting people's attention.  This type of cars are our great cultural heritage that reflects the car styles of particular segment of the market.

GrassHopper by Retro Belt in SEMA 2019 Photo Gallery:

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