Highly Anticipated Garrett Booth Unveiling of Lamborghini by B is For Build at 2019 SEMA Show, by W&HM @semashow #sema

"B is for Build" highly anticipated Lamborghini built through their episode got a strong welcome during the unveiling at the Garrett Booth in SEMA 2019

★ www.wheelsandheelsmag.com / W&HM Staff

The building process was intense, many hours were spent to the many early mornings, many sweats and parts were thrown in, to build this ultimate Lamborghini worthy of the SEMA show unveil.  The crowd did not disappoint the builder and the sponsors.  It was highly anticipated, big crowd participated, and very well received during the unveil moment in SEMA 2019.

Looking trough the photos below, you can feel the heat of the crowd, the passion about the car, and the quality of the build.  They all came together in a great event within event!

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Garrett Booth B is For Build Lamborghini Unveil at SEMA 2019 Photo Gallery:

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