Many Details About Chevrolet Military Personnel Transport Vehicle in 2019 SEMA Show, by W&HM @semashow #sema

The single purpose but very important utility of the Chevrolet military personnel transport vehicle demonstrates the integration of functions and adaptation, at SEMA 2019

★ / W&HM Staff
Chevrolet has displayed a very unique vehicle that is totally different than any other car manufacturers'.  The dirt-covered vehicle is a military personnel transport that served as a highly militarized quick personal mover with the open configuration and access.

The design provides ease to get in and get out and versatile in equip equipment set up.  During the event of a desert or terrain difficulty, the light weight and strong frame make it highly adaptable to counter obstacles.

We are highly impressed by the build and the versatility of the vehicle and love to see it in action in one of the deserts here.

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