Strider Giving Kids a Great Lifelong Gift of Riding Two-Wheels Skills at the 2021 Progressive International Motorcycle Shows Outdoors Southern California @motorcycleshows #IMSoutdoor


Very Young Kids Can Learn Riding Bicycles with Strider Bike Apparatus That Can Open Lifelong Two-Wheeled Transportation Options

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At the Progressive International Motorcycle Show, we met the founder and the team at the Strider company. Through his demo and our observation, we found this intriguing and wonderful device that may change how a person live and enjoy their whole life!

The concept is that Strider has a rocking platform that can be attached to a small bike that does not have paddles. Now introduce the 2 years old kid to ride on it, and they would feel comfortable with the rocking bike and learn how to balance it in the first step. As they are more familiar with the setup, the rocking platform can be taken off and voila! they are on their own with the bike. 

That balancing ability will ingrain into their lifelong skill of two-wheel vehicles. They can ride bicycles, motorcycles naturally. On top of that, we are sure that they will develop strong balancing ability and increased agility in handling falls too. 

This would be a great gift during the holiday season for sure. We love their concept and their execution of the great invention! 

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