Zero Motorcycle at the 2021 Progressive International Motorcycle Shows Outdoors Southern California (Many Photos) @motorcycleshows #IMSoutdoor


Majestic Zero Motorcycle All Electrical Showing at Progressive IMS Outdoors 2021 

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We had a chance to get up close and saw Zero motorcycles in person. They are majestic beasts to say one thing. The company is the longest running manufacturer of all electrical motorcycles, according to the PR person at the show. 

Over the years, the electrical motorcycle technologies have evolved a lot. There are improvements in all fronts, including battery capacity, performance matrix, and others. In software, Zero Motorcycles' core OS, Cyber, now version III+, have some unique features in the sleeves too, such as on-demand performance upgrades over the air as long as there is a connection, and others. 

As the industry goes to electrical collectively, we will see a lot more exciting new technologies in this area and this company's great models.  

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