Event Highlights - 2022 Texas Summer Truckin' Nationals, TX, Photos by MG One Photography

Highlights of Summer Truckin' Nationals, Arlington, TX by MG One Photography

★ On-Location Coverage, Photographed and Reported by MG One Photography, Text by W&HM Staff
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* Event: Summer Truckin Nationals Arlington, Texas July 15-17
* Photographer: Mike Schuler, IG @mg_one_photography

Summer Truckin' Nationals, a Super Heated Awesome Show 

2022.0724 Correction: updated Athena activities in the below Model section, in italic now.

This is a big deal show; especially it's a Texas-size-big deal. The huge Summer Truckin' Nationals truck show and concert at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium. It's under the scorching heat, as the temperature reached up to 105F, way beyond the normal human body temperature, and on top of that with the Texas summer humidity. If the globe were not warming, the stadium location was for sure!

Summer Truckin' Nationals was a three-day event, that was packed with cars, concerts, vendors, and people. People came out despite the baking heat to the show. Especially at the Saturday night concert, the practice field of the stadium was filled with enthusiastic music lovers and fans. The fun started in the morning and it seemed never to end though the night was set already.  

One thing assuring is that the security was super tight at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium. They ensured that all attendees followed rules and safety requirements. Even though it's taking more time, it did give people a safe place to enjoy a good time at the show and concerts.

Texan-Size Truck and ATV Showing 

At the event venue, tons of eye-catching trucks and ATVs were on display. There were many highly modified trucks including the high-lifted and the super lowered. They featured the characteristics of extreme modifications. Trucks were lifted and fitted like monster trucks, dwarfing even tall Texans around them. On the other hand, many trucks seemed to have Transformer (R) structure-shifting abilities to tilt to the side or other directions. It's a total fun show to check out various styles of trucks.

Hot Influencer and Models in Hot Weather 

We witnessed some models at the show, and they were mostly at the vendors' booth. Despite the heat, they were bringing their awesome smiles and photo opportunities to the people. Our hats off to them for their dedication and professionalism! 

We also saw our feature model Athena, now a high influencer with her own brand in various ventures and super strong following in her social media platforms. We are so glad that she is doing amazingly! 

We happily met Danni Dayton Vayle again at the show too. There are many models at the show and MG One Photography has worked tirelessly to capture their awesomeness despite the hot hot weather! Bravo!

Highly Popular and Mesmerizing Concerts at Night

One of the biggest draws to the show is the concerts at night. There were many great performing groups on stage on the practice field of the stadium. The crowd was going crazy for their stunning performances. Here is a brief list of the great concert showing:

Friday concert with many Hispanic artists and groups

  • La Energia Nortena
  • Milicia Del Rancho
  • Banda Reyna de Reynas
  • DJ Zeta

Saturday concert was a great show with country artists

  • Chase Matthew
  • Bailey Zimmerman
  • Sean Stemaly
  • David J

Many Supporting Vendors 

There were many vendors at the show. They range from audio, wheels, tires, detail supplies, headlights, and apparel, to food, and automotive wraps. It's like going to a truck market with many companies providing their goods, services, and instructions. Some of the companies include TIS wheels, Girl Truckn, Versatyre, JTX Wheels, Hatermade Clothing, DS18, Renegade Products, Alpharex

Hot Show Despite High Heat, and Totally Awesome!

Overall, it's a great show even though the heat was really getting us. As our contributing event photographer, MG One Photographer describes, "cant wait for this show next year and see what they do differently to upstage this year's show." and"awesome vehicles and great people."

We thank the organizer for assembling such an awesome event and we simply can't wait for the next year's!

 Here are more coverage photos from the W&HM's in-person coverage: 


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